A Modest Proposal

I made a big mistake last night and checked Twitter right before going to bed.  I read the Baltimore Sun’s editorial titled “Its better to have rats than be one”.

People keep wondering when we are going to get in the streets like Hong Kong, Puerto Rico and now Moscow. 

And I had this idea.

Congress is back in session Sept. 9 for four days.

What if we who can afford it go to DC for those four days. We stay in every hotel except one. Every motel, inn, B&B, campsite or RV slot. We tip. We are pleasant and kind. We visit the memorials, galleries, and each one of our elected officials.

We bring with us an index card. Each card is addressed to the elected official. It contains 3 points.

  1. Fix immigration/close the concentration camps.
  2. Secure our elections/handmarked paper ballots
  3. Stop the division/stop the hate

The back side of the index card is our name, address, and signature.  It’s a ballot of a sort.

Now, I know these are not the only issues we care about.  But, frankly, the concentration camps and the deaths are a high priority. If we don’t secure the elections, then we know 2020 is going to be stolen. And we need to let this president* know that we stand together. I’m sick of the racism, the attacks on Americans and American states and cities. I’m sick of the division between the “left” and the “right”. 

I’ve marched, I’ve picketed, I’ve protested and I can’t honestly say that any of that made any difference.

But, occupying a city for four days, being a tourist, being a citizen, might have an impact. And those index cards cannot be ignored.

Obviously, this is limited to people with the means to do it, with the time to spend. But ANYONE can fill out three index cards and get them to a library or some central place for those of us who can deliver them. My three elected officials are all white men who don’t represent me one bit. So my visits won’t be pleasant, but they can be civil. And while I’m there, I can stop in other offices to say thanks and to show support. 

I’m not an organizational genius or a PR giant. I’m a fed up citizen who just is mad as hell and doesn’t want to take it anymore. 

Can we do this, America? Can we fill out three index cards? Can we occupy DC for four days? Can we say enough is enough? I’m fortunate enough that I can. Will you join me?

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