I usually do a year end review, just to check and see how I did on my predictions this year.

But I don’t need to do that, because I know I was pretty right on the money, and that just depresses the hell out of me.

Lately, I’ve been wondering how on earth I’m going to survive another year.  Clearly, something needs to change and it’s going to have to be me.

I want to show you.










What I want for Christmas is a bunch of indictments.  Failing that, tons of heroin.  I can’t stay informed, stay sober and stay sane for much longer.  The cognitive dissonance is too great.  And the idea that this could go on for years makes me so heartsick I can hardly stand it.

Being right makes me sick.  Where this country is headed will make us all suffer.  Well, except for the one percent.

While the memes have been funny and insightful, the pain of watching this country descend into fascism with the help of people who have sworn to defend and protect the constitution is high.

I guess that makes me a snowflake and a libtard, according to my duly elected “representative.”  According to my moral guidelines, that makes me a patriot.

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2 Responses to Aarrgghhh

  1. Rick Merlotti says:

    Descending into fascism? I’d say we’ve been there for at least the last 16 years. Or a few years earlier still, to then-Head of the Clinton Crime Family, Bill, who signed the Glass-Steagal repeal. Or a few more years earlier to Papa Bush, CIA Employee For Life, Destroyer of Worlds. Also giver of the life-source to his son, the willing Charlie McCarthy doll who was expertly Ventriloquist’d by the grotesque Dick (Cheney). Or back to Tricky Dick (so many Dicks are dicks!). Or LBJ. To whoever really killed JFK. What a long, strange trip it has been.

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