Independence Blues

Every American politician at the national level has to swear to uphold and protect the Constitution of the United States from both foreign and domestic threats.

Unfortunately, they don’t have to read it.  Or understand it.  Or even, you know, actually believe it.

Oh, they all say they like the Constitution.  They say they support the Bill of Rights.  They say they love freedom and liberty for all. But actions tell the tale, always.

So, I pay attention to how the ACLU rates my “representatives”.  And as I’ve mentioned in a previous post, my congressman, Jason Smith, got a whopping 11% rating.

I’m beginning to understand that rating on a very personal level.

The other day, I checked the Facebook page of Jason Smith.  I do this every day, actually, because I like to stay informed.  I found that I could no longer comment or even like someone’s comment.  Every comment I’ve made on any of his posts has been deleted.  Apparently, I’ve been blocked or banned.

There was no warning.

I am the first to admit that morons piss me off.  So yeah, I can be snide and snarky when commenting.  I try to avoid name calling or threats or other bad behavior.  I am not always successful, especially when Trumpanzee’s start doing their whole alternative reality thing (also known as lying).

But mostly, I don’t engage with the idiots.  I like to post links to articles that dispute whatever lies Jason Smith is telling (and boy, he tells some whoppers).  I’m not trying to reason so much with him (I have no expectations of anyone who can be a puppy miller), but to maybe educate some of his constituents.

If social media has become the “direct” line to the public, then banning or blocking people is a form of censorship.  It is directly a violation of the First Amendment. President Twitler is notorious for loving twitter because he can speak “directly” to the public without “fake news”.  He’s banned whole groups of people, including military veterans.

How ironic is that?

Then again, President Twitler is on record as calling the constitution “archaic”.  I doubt he’s read it.  It isn’t on one page, with bullet points or pictures.  No mention of him in it.

I digress.

I am no longer a member of either or any political party.  I think the two party system is now doing more harm than good.  I think we have to get all the money out of politics if we have any hope of real representation again.  Citizen’s United must be overturned.

But having said that, I will say that the republican party has become a vindictive, repressive, amoral force for corporate interests exclusively and that anyone who supports this party should be ostracized and publicly humiliated for being so stupid.

Whether it’s the first amendment, the fourth amendment, the sixth, or the eighth, republicans have all kinds of strategies and ways to violate them.  And it’s only going to get worse.

I will say, what does surprise me, is that social media is perfectly happy to have public, elected officials censoring content on their platforms.  Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook “founder”, is fond of a free and open internet…..for him, maybe.  He’s not so zealous when it comes to regular people being shut out of the conversation.




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