Dark Ages

One of the first things I did upon turning 16 and getting my driver’s license was to make an appointment at Planned Parenthood for birth control. This is called taking personal responsibility, something those “conservatives” are yakking about all of the time.

Obviously, this was a long time ago. Lifetimes. The 1970’s. Well before I knew I was a malfunctioning human female.

I was attending an all girl, private Catholic academy. Very small and intimate class sizes. There were 20 of us in my class; there were less than 100 in the high school.

In this small sample size, two of my classmates got pregnant. I can’t remember if my trip to Planned Parenthood was before or after that. Both girls gave birth and came back to school. We didn’t discuss their absence.

I have good memories of my visit. I remember being in a group of people, learning about the pill, condoms, foam, IUDs, everything….with the statistics on effectiveness for each, the pros and cons of each. I remember no judgment. No agenda. Just helpful information.

I remember I was examined. I was given six months of birth control pills, and I left with a feeling of relief and gratitude.

There was another time I needed them; the details are gone, but I needed a morning after pill. They provided that. They provided privacy. They provided safety.

I had occasion to use the information they gave me more than once. My younger sister came to me one day, with questions about pregnancy and how to avoid it. I went down the list with her.

One of the classmates that got pregnant came to me a couple of years after she had given birth, and given the child up for adoption, asking for birth control information. I shared what I knew and assured her that Planned Parenthood was there for her.

My stepdaughters were told that I would take them to Planned Parenthood no questions asked if they ever wanted to go.

I’ve served on a local board.

I’ve donated to them over the years, most recently in the name of Donald Trump and Mike Pence. Two assholes who should never have been born.

Planned Parenthood is a national treasure. It should be honored instead of reviled. If we didn’t have so many shriveled old rich white men in Congress, it would be.

Even the so-called libertarian politicians, the ones who decry government regulations constantly and want small government apparently want it only small enough to fit into a woman’s vagina.

Study after study after study shows that readily available contraception reduces the number of abortions. This is one of those facts that is backed up by evidence. Not feelings, not opinions, not religion. Fact. Those that say they are pro-life but hate Planned Parenthood are not dealing in objective reality. Period.

So now, our Leader, the Liar and Pussy Grabber in Chief has rescinded Obama’s protection of Planned Parenthood and states can now defund them if they want.

Doesn’t matter that federal funds cannot be used for abortion. Doesn’t matter if Planned Parenthood is the sole source of medical care for low income women totally apart from contraception or abortion.

The Dark Ages are coming back with a vengeance.

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