Predictions for 2017

Every year since I’ve been writing this blog, I’ve made predictions for the coming year.

So let me just take the swan dive into the depressing mire and get it out of my head.

2017 will be hotter than 2016, which was the hottest on record, beating 2015, which was hotter than 2014, which was the hottest ever recorded.

First prediction is the safe one. We have passed the point of no return on climate change. Storms, floods, droughts, wildfires, all will increase in intensity and destruction.

The ice continues to melt at both poles; betting on when the Larsen C ice shelf will calve is brisk. The blue ocean event looms. The US Navy predicted 2017 as the time and I’m nothing but patriotic, so I’ll go with our Navy. Our coasts are toast.

Methane releases will surprise and amaze scientists.

Say goodbye first to the Affordable Care Act, then social security and medicare and medicaid. Our new president is not going to fund a single thing that does not directly benefit the one percent. All of the safety nets will have yuge holes in them by the end of this year. Health care is going to cost more money, so the mortality rates in the US will be rising.

Since the middle class is the only one left to loot, we shall be looted. A financial crash is certainly on the horizon; but I frankly don’t understand the craziness enough to know whether it will happen this year or the next.

All of the pipelines currently under protest will be approved and the protesters will be locked up, with the key thrown away, assuming they aren’t killed. All of the mining, all of the drilling and logging and other extractive industries will be ramped up, polluting our air and water. This will contribute to the climbing mortality rates. But, jobs.

Protesting itself will be made illegal. Four states have this under consideration right now, only two of which I can remember: North Dakota and Michigan. My guess, because I just don’t have the energy to research it, is that these laws are being written by the same people who brought us Stand Your Ground and Right to Work, aka ALEC and the US Chamber of Commerce folks, aka the one percent.

Invest in for profit prisons, because they will be growing and hiring. Of course, they won’t pay well, because, well, you know. What the one percent really wants is for slavery to be legal again. So kiss all of the minimum wage increases goodbye. States will tell municipalities what they can and can’t do, and the states are run by the butt boys for the one percent….meat puppets, prostitutes, whatever you want to call them.

Somewhere in here, the United States will be declared a Christian nation. As I’ve said previously, 2017 is going to be an irony rich year.

Suicide will increase dramatically.

At the micro level, we are a more divided nation than ever. I confess, when meeting a new person, the first thing I want to know is who they voted for. This is not all that new for me….I’ve always been accused of taking politics too seriously. It’s funny that people are now starting to catch up to where I was years ago.

In short, this year is going to suck quite a lot.

As the endgame nears, I give less and less energy to the idea that change can happen. Sure hasn’t in my lifetime. Everything I’ve marched for, protested against, written about…’s all still happening and now, thanks to Obama, the surveillance capabilities have grown. Dissent is about to be severely curtailed, which will be wasted energy because dissent hasn’t changed a thing in the last 50 or so years.

Human beings are killing the earth. Instead of trying to save it, we’re going to look for a new place to destroy.

As a species, we have been proven to be incredibly stupid. I don’t expect that to change.

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7 Responses to Predictions for 2017

  1. John says:

    Great stuff and I suspect your predictions are spot on.

  2. provivalman says:

    I wanted to say that I have been following you for a couple years, now, and I feel your pain. I am in the unique state of mind that comes from having just heard people that have access to the best available information telling us that 2026 is the date for human extinction, no stays or extensions. OMG–less than ten years. Talk about the ultimate good news/bad news scenario: the good news is that it won’t last much longer. The bad news is that it will be long enough…

  3. provivalman says:

    Sorry it’s taking me so long to reply to your reply. I lost my job, and that was where I did most of my blog reading, lol. (Not the reason I lost the job, just for the record.)
    Here is the link; I’m sure you’ve heard of Guy McPherson by now, but if you haven’t, the second link is his website:

  4. provivalman says:

    Human beings think in stories–I think in stories–and my story bias has always been that the hero(es) comes to their senses and manages to somehow save the day. My biggest difficulty is realizing that our story is going to end in absolute ignominy (if only cosmic ignominy, because there won’t be any humans left to hold us in disgrace).
    Sauron 1, humanity 0. Dead species walking.

    Another link on the 9 year extinction timeframe, on a site with endless data on our doom. Don’t miss RT’s feature story–just try to imagine it appearing on CNN:

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