A year ago, I would have sworn that we are a quiet couple and that we have a peaceful abode.

We’ve just celebrated our year anniversary with the Chippet and she’s taught us that we are not the quiet people we thought we were.

Bambi is extremely noise sensitive, but only certain noises bother her.  I think our HVAC system is very noisy, but that doesn’t bother her one bit.  Let a spoon fall, though, and she’s ready to flee for her life.

Now it’s a game to see if I can lift plates out of the cupboards without a noise.  She hates kitchen noises, especially, so we have become sensitive to them as well.  It’s crazy how much noise a person can make while trying to make none at all.

Thunderstorms top the list, closely followed by fireworks and guns.  She starts shivering and pacing when a storm rolls through, and will even come into the hated kitchen if I happen to be in there.

So, besides pheromone diffusers, I’ve invested in a Thundershirt for my Chippet. It’s a compression jacket and it works wonders.

I don’t put it on her when I cook or work in the kitchen, because she usually will trot off to her safe place in our bedroom and curl up.  Not during a thunderstorm, though.

Still, she’s calmed considerably.  We can now lift a hand without scaring the crap out of her.  She is much less afraid of Mr. Nobody.  There is much less flinching all together.

We’ve discovered that she loves car rides.  She gets so excited.  And once we’re riding, she finds the cutest positions to curl up and snooze, making my ride so much better.

So, all is well with my little cutie pie.  She is learning to relax and enjoy life a little.  She sure brightens up our lives!



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