Compromise Critters

As I’ve mentioned, I was hoping for close encounters with wild animals when we moved from suburbia to the country.  Specifically, I was hoping for mammal encounters.

That hasn’t happened like I hoped it would.  But, there are critters around, and I believe that spiders will inherit the earth.

dscn2594I was ambivalent about putting a pool in.  I didn’t like the idea of extra water or energy use, but Mr. Nobody really wanted one and since moving into the sticks was my idea, I did want to sweeten the deal.  On heat advisory days, I’m not so ambivalent.  So, the pool has led to several close encounters.  Every morning, I check the skimmer to see if anything needs rescuing.  This was what I found the other morning.

dscn2617I had to gird my loins to figure out how to encourage him or her to move on.  I settled on using a weeder.

dscn2636There are so many webs around the house that I won’t need to decorate for Halloween.  I had to rescue this guy from a web.  The blue tails are so cute.


I had Mr. Nobody take this guy out of the skimmer.


There are a variety of amphibians and reptiles aroundIMG_0878


Seems like I’ve been seeing more butterflies this year.  And I nominate this caterpillar as one of the cutest.


Birds are migrating and I miss feeding them.  This one crashed into a window recently and was stunned.  Since Buddy was ready to pounce, I picked it up and held it until it got its wits back.  I think it’s a flycatcher of some kind.  I already miss hearing the wood thrush.  They’ve gone, and they are the sound of summer for me.IMG_0903Then, there is the fungi.

IMG_0890DSCN2538I’ve got lots more pictures of fungi, but am having technical difficulties with uploading the damn things.

So this is the wildlife still around.

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