The Good Shuzzit*

I’ve been in a foul mood for the last few days.

Doom and gloom…the bad shuzzit has gone exponential and time is very short, coupled with rain and gloom and sad scary novels.

Thanks to the small band of doomours, thanks to one little thing, I’ve perked up.

It’s always the little things….volunteer morning glories, frogs, toads, turtles, flowers, hummingbirds, a good book, knitting….that can turn around a bad mood, at least for awhile.


I really love sharing things I love with people I love.  For some reason, I’m remembering lying in bed with Mr. Nobody, asking him for his reaction to a book I had recommended by Richard Russo called Straight Man.  He starts to tell me about it, but can’t, because he starts to laugh, and the more he tries to talk, the more he laughs.  I’m laughing too, because I’m so happy that he likes what I like.  Because Richard Russo wrote a funny book.  Because it’s such a little thing.


I took a picture this morning of a leopard frog on our frog log (a device that helps frogs and toads get out of the pool).  The frog is lovely all by herself.  But I got to share the frog log and the critter skimmer (another device for critters caught in the pool) with someone else who cares.  That’s a double double in the good shuzzit column.

DSCN2583 (Not a leopard frog…different picture)

Hummingbirds are migrating and hitting the feeders en masse. I love the noises they make, especially when they break the hummer sound barrier as they fly. DSCN2558

The good shuzzit itself is in the good shuzzit column.  I’m convinced that daily weed has kept me from murder.  My current fantasy is that we have a nationally televised trial of marijuana – introduce all of the evidence about this weed and then have a vote on legalization.  If people really knew the facts about marijuana and the history behind the prohibition on it, it would be legalized in a heartbeat.  The only thing wrong with the good shuzzit is that too many powerful industries are threatened by it.

The Chippet’s happy dance is definitely in the good shuzzit column.  Every time she does it, or wags her teeny tiny little tail, my heart sings.

We seem to be having a banner year for squirrels.  Three of them were flying around in one of the hickory trees this morning, harvesting.  We are into our third year here at the Missouri Compromise, and this is the first we have seen of so many squirrels.  These are different from the red ground squirrels of Michigan – these are grey tree squirrels.  Noisy little things and they look like monkeys up in the trees.  Cheap entertainment.

There are no medals or glory associated with any of this.  Just day to day reality, tinged with the awareness that nothing lasts.




*Louis Armstrong’s term for good marijuana, per Martin A. Lee in Smoke Signals (another thing in the good shuzzit column). Tip of the hat to Anne.




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3 Responses to The Good Shuzzit*

  1. David McFarland says:

    Tryina mow this afternoon because that’s part of the price we pay for living in this civilization, which I would give up in a heartbeat at all costs if that opportunity magically arose. Big brown toad plops down right in front of the mower, so I stop, go in, have a drink, return. Toad still there. Apparently it’s a suicide mission, so I’m fuckit she’s just had it with this shit. That’s enough damage for one day.

  2. 44 south says:

    By chance I read this latest post on the same day our public radio, RNZ National featured an interview regarding a recent survey of public attitudes to the herb.
    80 per cent favour legal for medical, about 60 for personal use.
    Needless to say, the idiots that govern us have “no plans to loosen” the drug laws!
    All the radio feedback supporting the status quo trotted out the same bullshit misinformation; just like with climate change.
    And yes, a dog dancing for joy a real spirit lifter. Thank god for small mercies.

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