Group Dynamics

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6 Responses to Group Dynamics

  1. David McFarland says:

    “People really do need other fucking people.” Yeah, and that we are born into a society of virtually no community is all the suckier. Virtual communities seem to have all the disadvantages of real life and very few of the advantages. I want badly to leave my only doomer group (TPR) because it’s all personalities and behaviors and cleverness and repostings and hardly about personal mourning, but then there would be literally NO ONE with whom to talk doom…

    • igotsomethin says:

      I don’t think it’s safe enough to post about too much personal stuff. On the other hand, maybe the anger we see IS part of mourning.

    • Chris says:

      David, I’m a member of NTHESG and TPR and glance at them about twice a week. I find the groups as interesting as the average cocktail party but occasionally glean something of importance. If you haven’t tried Dave Cohen’s blog, The Decline of Empire, you might appreciate his angst. He claims he’s not a doomer and despises NTHE promoters, but for all intents and purposes, he knows we are going nowhere. And his mind is a jewel.

      Also, Bodhi Paul Chefurka’s FB entries are sometimes deeply emotional and attract a lot of comments concerning how folks are feeling. If you can get past his metaphysical gasbaggery, he can present some good content.

      Finally, there’s Rob Mielcarski’s “un-Denial” blog, where he’s trying to reach out to others and would probably greatly appreciate thoughts about how others are coping.

      • David McFarland says:

        Thank you, Chris, for your thoughtful response to my rant. I am looking into Cohen and Mielcarski on your recommendation. Chefurka I appreciate for his realism when I can read around the woo woo.

  2. 44 south says:

    You could be my sister. Are you by chance the illegitimate daughter of an alcoholic actor :).
    I might be one of those “natural hermits”, I’m sure as shit, less and less wanting to be around people in general, though I agree there is this annoying urge to “communicate “.
    I’ve often thought that the fact we are social beings is our our greatest failing, and had we been more like bears or other mostly solitary creatures, the world would be a happier place.

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