Hordes at the Gates

This video was forwarded to me with no comment.

It’s 20 minutes of fear mongering, xenophobia, racism, and misogyny.  Big dark men coming to rape your daughter kind of same old same old.  When Donald Drumphf makes an appearance, it all makes sense.  Donald “I’m gonna build a wall” Drumphf.

It’s violent and scary and it’s meant to be.  People who talk about diversity and multiculturalism may be well meaning, but obviously clueless, or worse, brainwashed. The causes of people leaving their countries are not discussed, and the solution is simple:  They should stay in their own country.

Colonialism is never mentioned.  Genocide is mentioned, actually, but as a hyperbolic statement of what is happening in Europe to the white people.

As a piece of propaganda, it’s pretty effective, I think.  Scared the shit out of me for a few minutes, until the reptilian brain clicked off and the pre-frontal cortex kicked in.

Homo sapiens has been moving around since our ancestors walked out of Africa.  It is one of our defining characteristics.  But let’s just take a peek at what might give us some idea of why people are on the move.


Humans must have food and water.  When one or the other is scarce, you go in search of what you need.  And, you go where you are most likely to find what you need.

That is what most of these people are doing.  And you can look at this map and predict what region may become inhospitable to people in the future.

If you factor climate change in, with the attendant sea level rise, it becomes clear that we’re gonna have to build one hell of a wall.


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