Personal Ad

I’ve been a loner my whole life. I’ve never felt comfortable in large groups and I like lots of solitude.

But, I’m not a hermit, either. I tend to form close friendships with one or two people only, partially because friendship takes time and energy – especially at the beginning of one. Since I’m a serious kind of person, I take friends seriously. To be a good friend is to be available, to pay attention.

When we left Michigan almost 18 months ago, I left my one remaining in real life friend. We’ve been friends for over 30 years, so a monthly lunch with emails in between was sufficient for the both of us to keep our sanity.  I miss her.

I’m also missing the physical presence of a friend. I miss eye contact, touch, shared airspace. Which is interesting, since I don’t think I’m a big hugger or a physically demonstrative person. The other interesting thing is that I miss shopping with a friend. It’s not something that I enjoy particularly – shopping – but if one must do it, better to do it with a friend. Especially my kind of friend, the one who says, “yes, that makes your butt look big. Let’s find something else.”

I’ve considered all of the usual ways one goes about meeting people and I’ll probably eventually do some of them, but all involve a commitment of time with no assurance of success.

What I want is something a bit more of a sure thing. So I thought about putting up an ad.

Wanted: Friend

Seeking a female over 50 with a lively, questing mind. Likes animals more than people. Craftsy/artistic/nature loving a plus. Optimists and religious believers need not apply. Living within a 25 mile radius a must.

The only place I can think of putting up such an ad is the library. What are the odds that it would work, I wonder?

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3 Responses to Personal Ad

  1. pauline schneider says:

    I’d respond to it! It described me! Unfortunately, I’m a bit out of the 25 mile radius. But you go for it!!

  2. A library is a great place to book a friendship and/or get a good read on a person. Besides, you never know when you will get into a well versed conversation with a librarian or fellow patron.

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