Faster Than Expected

In the months since my last post, and in an effort to keep the Chippet warm, I’ve been teaching myself to knit. I’m now an addict. It’s very soothing when going well.

Soothing is what I need most as I watch what passes for presidential campaigns and debates these days.

I will admit to being surprised by Donald Drumphf’s* popularity. Of course, we will eventually elect a despot, but that it’s happening now, is faster than expected.

How much of that popularity is media generated, is of course, debatable. And I will admit that, in my more paranoid moments, I wonder if he’s Hillary’s ringer.

It’s been entertaining to watch the repugnants try to disavow and distance themselves from Herr Drumphf. As if their own rhetoric and willful ignorance of facts hasn’t led us to precisely this moment. It has. Just faster than expected.

Drumphf doesn’t speak in code. He doesn’t nudge and wink – he says that white men should continue to own and rule the world openly and with pride. Abandon reason, facts, logic…’s emotion that matters.

None of his competition is much better. While Florida cities try to cope with rising seas, Marco Rubio continues to deny what even the fossil fuel industry now acknowledges. Ted Cruz is a religious zealot. The Constitution, with its separation between church and state, the right to dissent…..these are annoyances that we need to rid ourselves of.

GOP governance has been a disaster.  Its resulted in right to work and stand your ground laws.  Family planning, women’s health….they don’t give a shit about that.

Those white Christian GOP governors couldn’t wait to tell President Obama that they would not take any Syrian refugees! No sir, a terrorist might be lurking! But hey, white GOP governors can poison water supplies with impunity. Maybe, if we held Rick Snyder down and gave him a tan and wrapped some linen around his head, people could see what we really need to be afraid of.

As the media profits from this clusterfuck, the real world continues to melt. Record temperatures were experienced around the globe, the most disturbing at the Arctic. It’s melting, and Greenland is melting, and Antarctica is melting faster than expected which is causing sea level rise faster than expected.

The oceans are acidifying faster than expected, too, of course. Massive losses in ocean lives are recorded almost daily. Few notice.

I’m really not sure what has got the nutcase white people all freaked out. Probably it’s the demographics.  White people are not the majority anymore.  So be afraid.  Be very afraid. Real, physical cataclysm is coming soon enough. That so many of us (Americans, homo sapiens) cuddle a demagogue before actually experiencing serious deprivation only confirms what we know: People do not react well to even perceived adversity.

What do you suppose is going to happen when bodies start washing up on the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico? When the refugees aren’t from the Middle East, but from South America?

What do you suppose is going to happen when the West Coast burns and the East Coast floods?

Give it some thought. It’s coming sooner than expected.

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4 Responses to Faster Than Expected

  1. Patrick says:

    Astute, clever and eloquently written. Easy to read but hard to hear. Thanks for reminding us of all these connections.

  2. 44 south says:

    I was well into the second whiskey when I thought of you and found this latest offering. I was thinking about all the feisty, soulful women who no longer comment at NBL and how I miss them.
    I’m grateful that. ” the donald” has motivated you to write again.
    I expect great things of him. He may just get this party started before I am too old to make the useful contribution.
    Did you ever find that special spot to sit and smoke and be?

    • igotsomethin says:

      How nice to hear from you! I have not found that spot here in Missouri, unfortunately…..still too many people around. I guess that happens when 200,000 people are added to the planet each day. I miss Denise and her cowgirl apocalypse haikus most from NBL. The good old days.

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