Around the Compromise

I’ve only recently remembered that I first saw Bambi in the flesh back in June.

I was fostering the surviving kittens of a litter found behind insulation at a home improvement store. Our vet had kept the two males going for four weeks and I volunteered to take them until they could be adopted.

So I was bottle feeding, then weaning, two tabbies for four weeks. I took them in weekly for weigh ins, and general health checks, and it was during one of these visits that Bambi caught my eye.

She was at the vet for dental work, along with other chihuahuas that a local woman was fostering for a rescue group. She was calm in the cage, but it was her coloring that caught my eye. I asked the vet about her, and when I heard that she was older, I dismissed her as a possible pet.

Well, she caught my eye again online and the rest, as they say, is history. She’s been with us just over two months now.

We think Bambi might have some Whippet mixed in. Which makes her a Chippet.


She still startles at every sound Mr Nobody or I or the house makes. She is especially afraid of kitchen noises, specifically the rattling of pots, pans, silverware, or dishes (mechanical noises don’t bother her at all). Enough of that noise sends her into our bedroom, to quake in fear for hours. Well, I usually don’t let her quake much at all – I usually scoop her up and hold her close and pet her until her fear passes.

These episodes break my heart.

But the little Chippet will also break out into her happy dance. I wish I could show it to you but WordPress won’t let me.


The Junco’s and Pine Siskins have appeared at the feeder and my body is reeling from the end of daylight savings time. By 5:30 pm, it’s dark. By 8 pm, I’m yawning and ready for bed.

I’m old.

I received a most wonderful gift this morning as I was sweeping up dead lady bugs from the barn. A whisper in the leaves brought me to the door, in time to watch a 2-4 point buck walk along our property line. He looked good; relaxed even. Never reacted to me, just walked around a little before disappearing.

Those are the gifts that make life worth living.

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One Response to Around the Compromise

  1. robindatta says:

    Glad it’s well with you!

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