Inspired by Dog

A few weeks ago, I started to need a dog.

I typed in “adoptable dogs” in our “metro” area of 6400 people and 24,000 plus dogs came up.

The vast majority were pit bulls and pit bull mixes.

Personally, I don’t find any of the bully breeds attractive. And, I know that their reputation has more to do with people than with the dogs. I strongly advocate putting bad human owners down instead of the animal. Start doing that, and all kinds of problems disappear.

But, I digress. We like the small dogs because we want to live with our animal companions. Our first was a Shih Tzu/Poodle mix, and our second was a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel.

I knew I wanted to rescue our next girl, and I knew I wanted younger and small. Within those parameters, what came up was Chihuahuas.

Well. A Chihuahua wasn’t really on the menu – a yappy little high strung wannabe is not my cup of tea.

Chihuahuas are the third most euthanized breed in this country, after Pit Bulls and Labs. That was a surprise. Apparently, neither Taco Bell nor Paris Hilton has proved healthy for these little dogs.

Even after expanding the search to the St. Louis metro region didn’t stop my eye from falling on the exactly wrong face – that of Bambi.


For one thing, Bambi is six or seven years old. For another, she’s a Chihuahua. Rescued from a puppy mill, languished in foster care, adopted, abused, dumped, fostered again…..she is flotsam on the sea of human stupidity.

She doesn’t have many teeth left, her ears are absurd, her eyes bug out, she’s kinda stinky, and her coat is not AKC approved.

Damaged goods.

Bambi has been with us for a week now. At seven pounds, she’s smaller than all three of the cats. She’s lived for most of her life in a crate or confined space. She doesn’t know how to play.

She doesn’t bark much. She’s messed in the house, and when she saw me cleaning it up, she cringed, put her tail between her legs, and crawled into her crate and didn’t come out for awhile.

She shivers when she’s scared, and she’s scared of a lot. Going from a crate to a house with nine acres, in the country, with fireworks, barking dogs, target practice, macho male dickheads and their internal combustion engines, and three cats that aren’t too happy to see her and it’s amazing that she will come to me, despite it all.

Hope over experience. I want to be worthy.

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4 Responses to Inspired by Dog

  1. dentalblast2 says:

    I applaud your choice in choosing a rescue dog. Yes, there will need to be an adjustment time and not the best choice for a first-time pet owner. I hope you will soon see the appreciation you will feel from Bambi. Good luck!

  2. 44 south says:

    Damn, I’m getting soft in my old age, getting misty eyed over some useless little rat of a dog cowering in fear.
    Can’t disagree there’s a lot of humans who could use a bullet.
    The one’s who regularly break babys bones in this country would be top of my list.
    You get my vote for worthy by the way.

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