Reversal of Fortune

We are fast approaching our one year anniversary of our move/change of lifestyle. It’s been, in the small personal sense, a very good year. For the macro globe, not so much.

Almost as soon as we moved in, cats and dogs have visited. I think every single person living in this area has at least one dog and many have multiples. Cats, too, come and go. Some visit for a short period. Some run the minute they see me.

So when this guy showed up, I just shrugged and said hi.


But, he didn’t go home. One day, I was sitting on the deck step, smoking a cigarette, and he climbed, purring, into my lap.

Yes, I emit a strong sucker vibration. I started feeding him that day. That was the middle of March. He’s been neutered, tested negative for feline leukemia, been vaccinated against same, and rabies and named. Buddy Boo Boy, aka Killer, aka BudderButt, aka Prince Charming, aka LoverBoy. He’s a really sweet cat. Doesn’t mind being loaded into a carrier, going to the vet (he purred through his exam), and would like to make friends with our two indoor cats (who aren’t interested). Against my beliefs that cats are introduced predators for the bird world, I’ve kept him outside. He has had some impact on the varmint population, but he’s not really hungry and seems a bit half-hearted in his killing. Which, to my mind, is good.

He sleeps in our barn. I put him to bed at night, and wake him up in the morning. If I’m anywhere outside at any point, he finds me. Sometimes he just likes to curl up and sleep while I work.


He showed up before Bubbles died and he was respectful of her immediately. Now that I no longer have a dog at my side, Buddy has made that far less painful.

We live out in the country, along a state highway. Perfect dumping grounds for unwanted pets. My guess is that Buddy had reached the age when he started to spray. Rather than spend the $45 to neuter him, it was easier to throw him away.

From unwanted stray to King of the Compromise.


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