Year End Review

So, how’d I do on the predictions for 2014? Storms, check. Drought, check. Wildfires, check. Oil spills and pipelines, check. Cops have not (yet) mass murdered citizens, but they’ve used a lot of weapons against those same citizens. Not right, but not totally wrong on that one.

Here are my predictions for 2015: more of the same, with more and longer power outages, especially here in the States. Our infrastructure is antiquated. As we experience more climate change related “strange weather” events, we’ll add to our vocabulary: Weather bombs. We have to militarize everything.

Given what is happening with oil prices right now, and the new taxpayer bailouts for Wall Street, courtesy of the Congressional pimps and hos, I’d expect bad financial things to happen in 2015. Well, at least bad for the 98%.

I expect civil unrest will grow in 2015.

One good piece of news that I did not see coming is Gov. Cuomo’s ban on fracking in New York State. Applause, applause. I doubt it will go unchallenged by the fossil fuel industry, but one government has decided to put the health of its citizenry over profits. Kudos. And may the action be emulated.

Here at the Compromise, we are all more or less healthy. Bubbles is still with us. Her medications have grown steadily and the schedule is daunting, but she is coughing less and one day just stopped panting. She’s panted for most of the nine years we’ve had her, but a couple of weeks ago, she stopped. Car rides and trips to the vet do not induce it. I almost gasped out loud when she laid down at the vet’s and took a snooze. One theory is that she’s getting more oxygen now. Nine years with a lack of oxygen does explain why she’ll never be on the Nobel Prize list.

It’s the Solstice. I’m looking forward to more daylight, perhaps even sunshine. I look forward to planning the garden and planting and fucking around in the yard again. But I’m also enjoying the library and more sleep.

Enjoy what you have, today.

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