Reality is a bitch

Wait, we’re going to pretend we didn’t know about the torture?

Abu Gharib ring any bells? Anybody high level prosecuted there?

The water-boarding that John Kirakou went to jail for revealing….only the whistle-blower went to jail.

Newly elected President Obama told us then to look forward.

That happened years ago.

Last I heard, we are still force feeding prisoners (who’ve been denied due process) at Guantanamo Bay – you remember Gitmo – that place candidate Obama was going to close.

To profess surprise and rage at this late date strikes me as more dangerous than hypocritical. Because intelligent and well educated people whom I admire, like Jon Stewart and David Simon, are really doing a disservice to pretend they don’t know the history of America. Mr. Simon, who has described America as a “horror show” should certainly know that, even if there were actual prosecutions, they would be a) the low level people and b) would be pardoned. This is precedent.

To continue to see each new atrocity as a one of instead of as a pattern of behavior is what is dangerous.

Those beautifully written founding documents are just words on paper. From the very beginning, this country has been about rounding up and enslaving and exterminating non-white people. Land theft, resource theft, that is what America has always really been about. It’s still going on today. The traitor Senator McCain is sponsoring legislation that will steal Apache ceremonial grounds to sell to an Iranian mining company. He follows in a well worn path.

Whether it’s “native Americans,” or African Americans or Japanese Americans or Filipinos, or Vietnamese, the atrocities are the same. This is not hyperbole, this is history.

We are doomed to keep repeating history because we won’t publicly shout the history from the rooftops. We won’t laugh when we’re told lies. We still believe we’re exceptional. We are doomed.

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  1. Patrick Cole says:

    Awesome 😉

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