Can’t Fix Stupid

Eric Garner died for selling untaxed cigarettes. Now, there is a crime against humanity!

One of my main theses on these pages is that we are being made stupid on purpose. There should be no surprise that stupidity shows up in our “justice” system.

Whether it’s a box of cigars, or untaxed cigarettes or an eight ball, the “crime” here is so low level as to be almost laughable.

The people doing the big crimes, of course, don’t ever face arrest. People who poison food, water or air are never put into handcuffs much less a choke-hold. The big crimes are legal.

Cops are just as dumb fat and lazy as the rest of America. Behold! This is what America has become!

Police in Colorado arrested a man and charged him with a felony for brandishing a banana. Yes, our “finest” are now afraid of fruit.

This is what the “War on Drugs” has devolved into….cops looking for the easy prey. Wasn’t that Staten Island sting operation impressive? Took five or six police officers to take down a man who was not even really resisting. Non-cooperation is now resisting, please notice.

Police unions have, of course, double downed on the usual, “just enforcing the laws,” crap. They seem really to believe that all crimes are created equal and deserve lethal force.

Unless the perp is white with money. Then it’s a different ball game – so far anyway.

When cops ride around American cities in tanks (see the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing), something is seriously wrong.

Equipping police departments with military weaponry didn’t happen by accident, now did it? Homeland Security practically begged cop shops to get this shit. Why would that be?

We didn’t get to be the country with the largest prisoner population in the world (exceeding South Africa during apartheid) by accident, now did we? No, we (and I mean Congress) passed a bunch of ill-conceived laws, especially drug laws, and we can see the result.

It’s not just the cops who are stupid, or the laws; it’s the prosecutors who think busting people for pot or selling untaxed cigarettes or stealing a box of cigars is a good use of resources.

Police who can’t tell the difference between a man with a gun or a boy with a toy are more dangerous to society than actual criminals.

Lots of solutions are being proposed. I haven’t seen mandatory drug testing listed yet, but I think we should be testing for steroid use at the very least. This amount of aggression (and see The Long Dick of the Law for some video proof of such a thing) may be being aided by drug use.

I always thought there were such high standards for police officers – that is certainly what was claimed when women and minorities wanted to be included. But I’m not seeing any evidence of standards for judgment.

No amount of training is going to fix stupid.

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1 Response to Can’t Fix Stupid

  1. Patrick Cole says:

    Stupid is as stupid does and there are a lot of stupid cops, prosecutors, congressmen and journalists in the news. My how far we have fallen when the people who are meant to protect us turn out to be our greatest threat.

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