Fighting Demons Part 2

Part of the problem of being a reality based person living in the same community of people who aren’t is that you question your own sanity and perceptions. A lot.

So when I saw the reports that Darren Wilson was giving an interview on national television, I assumed that his attorney’s had advised against it. In my reality based world, a person is dead and was killed by Mr. Wilson by his own admission. Mr. Wilson apparently needed to try to convince the rest of us non jury members that we can’t really believe our own eyes and we needn’t deal with any of the other pesky facts.

No, Mr. Wilson said again that Michael Brown was this huge scary black man. The fact that Mr. Wilson and Mr. Brown are/were about the same size means nothing. The fact that Mr. Wilson had an array of weapons and training and equipment means nothing. Nothing!

The fact that Mr. Wilson initiated the events of the evening and made a whole plethora of choices which resulted in a young human being being dead does not require any deep reflection on his part, no real soul searching.

This takes my breath away. Is that what you’d call arrogance and white privilege? I think it might be.

So you can imagine my surprise when I looked up Mr. Wilson’s attorneys. I did so because I was so amazed at the audacity of Mr. Wilson actions that I just assumed it was against legal advice.

Mr. Wilson has a four member team. They are: Greg Kloeppel, James Towey, Neil Bruntrager and Danielle Thompson. They are members of the St.Louis County Police Association, a Chapter of Lodge 15, Missouri Fraternal Order of Police. As full time counsel, they “allow enhanced and expanded legal benefits to members.” Yes, they do.

They’ve been making the media rounds as well. They’ve been discussing their legal strategy in an interview with the Washington Post and, of course, FOX news. Apparently, they need a victory lap.

Mr. Towey was quoted, in a response to a question about how Darren Wilson is different from George Zimmerman thusly:

(Zimmerman) is an idiot, Darren was not,” Towey said. “Any criminal defense lawyer that has half a brain says, ‘shut up, don’t say a word.'”

Counselor, your complete and utter disconnection from empathy and pain, from any real behavioral acknowledgement that someone is dead at your client’s hands, is apparently so normal in your world that you don’t even question it…you all just assume that your privilege is a given and that there are no consequences for your actions. Mental health professionals might call this an illness. But this is what America has become.

Two worlds, one country.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: this is not an accident. For the past 34 years, there has been even more of a concerted effort to persuade people that reality, facts, evidence, proof is not important. Truthiness it’s been called….when you want something to be true, when you need something to be true, even when it isn’t.

Media empires live off truthiness, corporations fund it and governments at all levels write laws and policies based upon it. The police enforce it.

Ferguson is a magnifying mirror on the horror show of America.

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