Fighting Demons Part 1

A lot of words have been spilled about events in Ferguson MO.

Ferguson is about more than Michael Brown and Darren Wilson, although both of those people are important. This case, at it’s root, is about what is usually called “the cultural divide” in America. That term bothers me a lot. I call that term a symptom of the real issue.

This case is about whether you live in a reality, evidence based world or whether you live in a make believe world.

Over and over again, people are saying that this case isn’t about race. That race had no relevance in Darren Wilson’s decisions. Those people are living in the make believe world. One that ignores the entire history of the United States of America from “founding” to today. Racism is written into our founding documents. The genocide of the “native Americans” is on page two of the Declaration of Independence and most Americans never get to that page. The Constitution codifies slavery.

These are facts. This is reality.

Thirty four years ago, American’s elected to it’s highest office a man who said, “Facts are stupid things.” And ever since, there has been a concerted effort to pretend reality isn’t real.

Ferguson is a floodlight on white privilege. Isn’t it striking how often you’ve heard or read (assuming you are paying attention) “where are the clergy?” or “where are the African American leaders?” People need to stay calm, after all. Better trot out the panacea, the opiate of the masses in the form of religion, which promises a better life in the big tomorrow. Better to keep your place.

The more those people in government tell us to be calm, the more I want to open fire on them.

Isn’t the subtext here to ignore reality?

I try to imagine what it would be like to have my child gunned down, left in the street, smeared and demonized. Too horrific, I guess, because my mind goes very quickly to extracting retribution.

It’s absolutely amazing that the parents of these kids take it.

I would be reconnoitering Darren Wilson, his friends and family, and would try to make that guy pay. If not by killing him outright, which would be satisfying in itself, then by destroying the liars life.

He is a liar, no doubt. You fight a demon, you look like this.



This is what Darren Wilson looked like after his fight with a “demon”. If you look really really hard you can see a slight red smudge on Mr. Wilson’s left cheek. According to his testimony, this blow convinced him he couldn’t survive another. You can listen to Mr. Wilson’s words, or you can believe your own eyes. You can be reality based, or you can believe in fantasy. You have the choice. Nine members of that jury chose fantasy.


If you can’t work up any empathy for Michael Brown or his family, consider that all of us, if we are lucky, will get old. We’ll get slow and maybe a little hard of hearing.

This is what one 80 year old veteran looked like after his encounter with the police.


Darren Wilson is a poor excuse for a human being, a coward, a liar, and a cold blooded murderer. He’s in good company because the city of Ferguson had his back. He got married recently, something Michael Brown will never do.

All these appeals for calm and nonviolence are illuminating. The subtext here is that there should not be any consequences for what has occurred and what is still occurring. Basically, the elites are saying, we get to do whatever we want and you can’t do anything about it.

If this was a one of, then yeah, I could understand. But it’s a pattern. Police are beating and killing people with impunity.

Our “men in blue” are, in fact, the biggest baddest gang in the United States. The reason they exist is to protect the elite and the elites property.

The government does not track police killings. Isn’t that telling? I tried to find the number of white people killed by black police and came up empty handed. How convenient.

If you are calling for calm, you have no imagination.  No empathy.  No insight or knowledge.  If you are calling for working within the system for reform, you are a fool.  Who writes the laws? Who controls the legislatures?

Body cameras that can’t be turned on or off have been suggested. I saw one chief of police suggesting that this would create more problems with people sharing information with cops because the thought of being recorded would be “chilling.”

Bwahahahaha! Like we aren’t already under surveillance!

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2 Responses to Fighting Demons Part 1

  1. paulineschneider4p says:

    Good Goddess, I just love you and the way you think and write! It’s like you looked into my mind and heart and reflected me back! Everything you said in this piece, EVERYTHING, is exactly how I feel and how I think.

    The United Nations is finally going to investigate the US for police brutality, prison brutality, racism of police authorities and our “justice” system against people of color, and Guantanamo Bay brutality and secrecy, among several other outrages of our Apartheid system.

    • igotsomethin says:

      Pauline, thank you so much for saying that. It’s a horror show, isn’t it? Makes sane people feel like they are the crazy ones. So a word from someone who doesn’t know me helps soooooo much. I hope you like Part 2.

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