Where Magic Happens

I’ve called politics in America a clown show, but I think that is a bit glib.

As someone who has been intensely and passionately engaged in the political process, who majored in political science in my youth, I cannot take what passes for politics these days one bit seriously.

Perhaps, instead of a clown show, it has become more of a magic act.

First is the rigging. Considering Citizens United, corporate free speech and personhood, massive data collection, the Ag-Gag bills that criminalize dissent, the judicial opinions that water is not a right (try having “life” without water), considering all of these together, the scope of the rigging is breathtaking.

Like all magic acts, distraction plays a huge role. This is where endless war is a gift that keeps on giving. It keeps the corporate donors rich and keeps the money spigot on. It gives the media and the pundits something to do. All so the real needs, real threats and real ideas never need be discussed or addressed.

Magic requires deception; sleight of hand. This analogy is almost too easy. We have all seen video clips of politicians saying one thing one year and exactly the opposite another year and then denying any discrepancy. Our national memory is short and our forgetting helped along.

Since the media are owned by some of the big political donors, they are doing a great job of reprinting press releases.

Good magic acts stun and amaze. Have you not been stunned and amazed at our government’s response to Ebola versus ISIS? To climate change versus al Qaeda? To the banksters who’ve robbed the middle class? Edward Snowden versus the NSA?

The last bastion I believed in – the rule of law – has been utterly transformed in the last few decades. Money talks, the poor get locked up. The criminal justice system is for profit and Americans are perfectly happy with profiting from human misery…….kinda like slavery back in the day……and to deepen that misery as we chase more money.

Personally, I think we need another revolution, but that would require action and discomfort and so is not likely to happen.

Absent that, my participation in the magic show is over. I have not registered to vote and have no plans to do so.

I asked this question a couple of years ago and I still wonder: What if America held an election and no one voted? I’ve studied the United States Constitution for election participation requirements and have found nothing. So, legally, I don’t know what would happen. But the public relations nightmare would be a lot of fun to watch.

As far as I can determine, no one is particularly happy with the current state of affairs. People on the right rabidly hate those on the left; those on the left return the favor. Congress is utterly useless. The President of the United States is a meat puppet for the one percent.

All that would be required is for Americans to do what Americans are best at: Nothing.

The one percent finance the elections. They are spending hundreds of millions of dollars to control the entire process.

Fuck them. Don’t vote.

How would that be spun? How would non-participation in the Greatest Show on Earth be explained to the rest of the world? I’d love to see that!

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2 Responses to Where Magic Happens

  1. ckroft says:

    You thought if no one voting is flawed. You only have to see campaign headquarters. Inside these various storefronts you will find vast numbers of believers. All ages, all sexes all engaged to their bones in the candidate they are working tirelessly for. If you chose not to vote, you are among a large percent of the eligible. This isn’t revolutionary. I really think working within the system we have and trying to change it, is the harder fight.

    • igotsomethin says:

      I agree, it IS the harder fight and pert near impossible at the national level these days. I concede that voting at the local level still matters. But when the two parties control the debates, control the narrative, when the elite select the two candidates that we are allowed to vote for, and when the media focuses on the narrative allowed, it is a mockery to suggest that we have free elections, and that we control what happens. It’s bullshit, total bullshit. Sorry, we don’t agree.

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