Truth is Doom

Since reclaiming my offline life, I haven’t commented on “the news” recently. To be honest, I check headlines but haven’t gone too deeply into anything. The propaganda is being churned out at a fast pace by many sides and trying to parse for truth takes too much time away from the real world.

(There is a question for doomers: Why do we care about truth so much?)

I don’t think that is an accident, of course. My rule of thumb is that anything said by any member of any government is a lie of some kind. It baffles me that anyone gives a shit what any of these jokers say. Politics is a clown show.

ISIS, like Boko Harum, is probably a CIA front, or at least was armed and funded by the CIA. I frankly have no idea what is going on in the Ukraine, other than threats of nuclear war. Smoke and mirrors, bread and circuses.

Nuclear war is much to be preferred to Ebola. Last I heard on the Ebola front, the Doctors without Borders organization was basically saying; this is out of control and must be fought like a war.


Not as sexy as beheadings. It’s taking place in Africa, and everybody knows we don’t give a shit about black people. Plus, and this is most important, there is no profit in it.

Ebola. Now there is a slate wiper. And not a happy way to go.

Corpses are being left to rot in the streets. Dogs and other wildlife eat these infected corpses.

It’s almost as if it’s being allowed to happen, a population decimating event.

The earth needs a human slate wiper, of course. It’s just that what we leave behind takes out most, if not all, of everything else.

Are the psychopaths in power so delusional that they think they can survive a slate wiper? Without minions to run things, like say, oh, nuclear power plants, I don’t get how anyone survives long term. Long term being months, maybe a year or two.

So, a deadly virus is loose and is killing people at rates we don’t know, because the people on the ground fighting it are losing the battle and can’t keep track of the details anymore. The rich resource consuming nations are watching from the sidelines, and using ISIS like hand puppets, to distract the masses.

Is it any wonder that I’ve chosen to watch the birds more than the news? To listen to the wind in the trees rather than anything man-made?

Though I can understand those who become hedonistic, I can’t, personally, go that way. I’ll be sowing seeds and feeding things in the hope that, billions of years from now, the right conditions will happen and life will find a way again. That feels like a good hope to me, one that might happen.

We can only hope that there is never again a species like homo sapiens.

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2 Responses to Truth is Doom

  1. Chris says:

    Keep in mind that the superior people of the u s of a have nothing to fear in Ebola So far we have cured everyone here. So we have nothing to be concerned about, we don’t die.

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