So long, Mishigami

I was moved to Michigan when I was a small child.

As an adult, I’ve been wanting to leave for a long time.  We tried on Florida for 13 months and no thank you!  Too hot, too muggy, too flat, and too crowded….plus, of course, it’s going to flood.

Everybody has asked or told me that last winter must have been the last straw.  Four polar vortices kept us pretty cold.  But it’s not so much that as the lack of sunshine, the long months of grey skies.  It’s depressing!  Not good for one, like me, who struggles with depression anyway.

Rick Snyder got elected as governor the last go-round, and while he’s not quite as crazy as say, Scott Walker, he is a mad dog.  The fracking has begun “up north” and is coming to the lower part of the state soon.   There are many people fighting this, of course, but we all know how that is going to go.  People have been fighting the various extraction industries for decades.  They almost always lose.

Canada, with it’s spectacularly insane prime minister, wants to put a nuclear waste dump near Lake Huron.  Of course this is being protested, petitions are circulating on line, but what’s the nuclear industry to do?  WIPP is closed to new waste, after the accident that was never supposed to happen, happened.  Where is it going to be stored?  Right now, pretty much anywhere!

Fred Upton, a Michigan “representative,” oversees the committee that oversees the nuke industry.  He’s another mad dog.  He’ll do whatever he’s told by his corporate masters.

The advertising industry thinks it hit a home run with it’s “Pure Michigan” slogan.  Every time I see that, I immediately assume the Nazi salute position and click my heels together smartly.  If Mad Dog Snyder continues his policies, and he probably will because the mad dogs are extremely well funded by the extraction industries, the only thing left pure will be the toxic sludge oozing on the ground.

So, we are getting out while we still can.

I was born East of the Mississippi.  I’ve never lived to the West of it.  I was born in the Ohio River Valley.  It is there I feel most at home.  All along that beautiful land, fracking wells are being drilled, hundreds of thousands of gallons of water are being polluted and sent into the earth in search of more energy for us to consume and release into the atmosphere.  Not to mention the pipelines being built that criss-cross several states.

Kentucky is about to start it’s very own tar sands, following on the heels of Utah.  Alabama, Alaska, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Texas all have deposits the mad dogs will want eventually.

Climate change means there is no safe place on earth anymore.  Missouri has nuke plants and nuclear materials.  In fact, it’s got an underground fire from a land fill that is on it’s way to some illegally buried nuclear waste.  The people in charge in MO have known about this for a long time.  Yet, somehow, someway, it’s still burning.  Once it meets the nuclear waste…..well, just depends on which way the wind is blowing.

No place is safe anymore. 

I will miss the big lake. 

It was here, in develhell, where I started to identify birds and toads and frogs; it is here that I awoke from the American dream to the global nightmare.  Put another way, it was here that I finally grew up.  I put away the childish fantasies we are sold and faced reality as squarely as I am able.

But I don’t want to watch the destruction of Michigan any longer.  So long, Mishigami.

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1 Response to So long, Mishigami

  1. Chris says:

    Don’t worry I’ll keep you posted…..gasp

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