The New Place (Before)

We have been in the new place exactly once, on June 7th.

(I’ll be writing the “after” section once we actually make the move, probably the first Sunday in August.)

There are lots of things I can’t remember about our new place.

What has stayed with me is the “just right” feeling.

It has high ceilings, but not too high. We both like the open plan with lots of windows, but it has been my contention that too high of a ceiling is too much of a good thing. Thermo-regulating rooms becomes more expensive, for one thing. And, cobwebs.

My mother’s voice lives in my head about many things, and standards of cleanliness would be in the top two. Vacuuming ceilings and walls was role modeled for me. But at five foot two inches (on a really good day), I can only reach so high.

The new place has loads of windows, but the rooms aren’t too big.

The new place does not have a fireplace or 10 acres, both of which were “musts” for us. It’s further away from the airport than Mr. Nobody wanted, but not as far away as I wished.

We haven’t even walked the land. Of the 9 acres, about an acre and a half have been cleared around the homestead itself (though nice trees were left). The two horse stall barn and other fenced in areas are under shade but adjacent to the house. The house is set back from the gravel road, with a pretty white picket fence and red gate. The whole acreage is fenced.

Several garden beds are arrayed on the south side. The orchard, with it’s fantastic gate, is there. I can’t decide if I’m Goldilocks or Marie Antoinette.

Since I’ve never grown anything to eat in my life and am not sure I recognize many of the items in the beds, I’m leaning more toward Marie Antoinette.

As this whole process becomes more real, I’ve been looking at pictures again, trying to visualize us and our stuff in this house.

We will be leaving our house with a whole lot less stuff than we had when we moved in. And still there is too much.

The last time we moved, we filled a dumpster with stuff we no longer wanted.  It breaks my heart when I think of how stupid I’ve been, how wasteful, and how consumptive! 

I started freecycling several years ago and still  have a whole area of the garage loaded with things to give away or donate.

Progress, eh?

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