Scenario Planning

By our very nature, doomers don’t believe good things are coming.

Given climate change and increasing population levels (which means increasing consumption levels), the future ain’t what it used to be.

Put human beings under survival stress and watch and see what happens.

Which is why I do not wish to be in a high density area.

Storms and drought are already having an affect on agriculture, so we know food will become more expensive and rarer.   When starvation happens, people flock to cities and outbreaks of disease happen.

Disease is really interesting.  Some doomers believe that The Powers That Be will release superbugs to reduce population levels.  Disease has the potential to wipe the population slate clean.  Ebola is currently raging “out of control” in West Africa, according to the Doctors Without Borders who are attempting to fight it.  All that needs to happen is for someone with Ebola to get onto an airplane.  Airplanes are really wonderful transmission devices, which provides another good reason to never get on one again. (Did you know that jet fuel contains lead?  I didn’t.  Every time a plane takes off, it spews lead into the atmosphere as well as greenhouse gases.)

Diseases are beginning to go global as well.  Dengue fever and Chikungunya have both been reported in Florida; neither have cures.  Both are mosquito-borne, and mosquitoes have evolved defenses to our various poisons.

MERS and SARS haven’t gone away, either.

Then we have the ongoing Fukushima disaster.  That sucker is still spewing and is killing children in Japan.  Record numbers of thyroid cancers are happening, not that you’d know that.  Here at home, the WIPP disaster is also ongoing.  Where are we going to store spent fuel from nuclear plants?  Who knows?   One of the Great Lakes is being proposed by that crazy Prime Minister to the north of us.  We got sold on these plants and were told that we are such a brilliant species, we’d figure all of this out………but we haven’t.  Who knows where all of that stuff is, since it’s been illegally buried and discarded in oceans by the same people who told us it would all be safe.  Then they decided to frack near storage areas and we know fracking causes earthquakes.  Because really, what could go wrong?

And we have a crumbling infrastructure.  Since privatization has allowed all public money to be sucked into offshore private bank accounts, nations and states are broke.  The grid is at real risk.  What happens when it goes down for any length of time?  Every nuclear power plant in the world requires electricity.  Only the US requires a weeks worth of back up fuel.  Most of them are parked by rivers and lakes and oceans, those levels are affected by climate change, but again, what could go wrong?

Add in the acidification of the oceans, which is reducing phytoplankton (one of those little unimportant creatures that provides 50% of our oxygen) like crazy, and the loss of trees across the planet (the other 50% of our oxygen) and you begin to see the problem.

We have fucked it all up.  Too many things going wrong at the same time and there is no will and certainly no money to deal with any of it.  Instead, the batshit crazy people running things have doubled down on the extraction and ruination of our home.  Profits, the economy, all of those things are more important than a healthy planet.

Which is why, at 57 years of age, I frankly laugh out loud at the actuarial tables that say I’m gonna live to 93.

People, here is the thing:  what we are experiencing with climate change NOW is because of what was spewed 30 to 40 years ago!  This crazy weather, drought and flooding and storms…’s going to get worse and worse because of that time lag between the spewal of all of those greenhouse gases and the chickens coming home to roost.

We are only in the very beginning stages of consequences.

I grew up listening to warnings about climate change and we, in all of that time, have done nothing to change our ways.  And now, we will get to experience what that inaction will cost us.

What happens, do you think, when parents have to choose which child to feed?

It won’t get that bad in America for awhile, I don’t think.  Not because we’re special or exceptional, but because we’ve got the biggest military.  It will go where it is told to go, kill the people it is told to kill, take what it is told to take.  Eventually, it will come home.  Because it will be needed.

As long as Americans have their pacifiers firmly in their mouths (meaning…all of our electronic means of distraction), all will be mostly okay as long as the food holds out.  Either the grid going down or the food running out will cause panic, assuming the population hasn’t been decimated with either a pandemic or two or radiation poisoning, or because of WWIII.

Here at midpoint in 2014, we have 50 million people currently displaced due to conflicts in Africa and the middle East and that doesn’t count the other millions displaced due to storms or weather related disasters.  The UN is having a hard time feeding all of those people.

Collapse ain’t in the future anymore, people.  It’s here.  It’s now.  And it’s not going to get any better.


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3 Responses to Scenario Planning

  1. Chris says:

    Do you think that the recent influx of thousands of children to the u.s. Is just the beginning of countries trying to eliminate population for the sake of resources?

    • igotsomethin says:

      Could be, but could also be a prayer that some of those children survive here. Populations under stress do funny things. We’re going to be laughing so hard we die, I think.

  2. Scenario Planning is a provocative title. Are we to plan our futures based on which of the apocalyptic horsemen we think will reach us first? Or, are we to plan our demise in the most satisfying way we can imagine? Oh, oh, I got it! As my therapist used to say it’s not “either/or” it’s “yes/and”.

    As always, you challenge us to pay witness to the real world. Kind of puts a damper on the Golf Channel. Bummer.

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