Hope is a Toad

I’ve been stuck inside for the last week, getting ready for the big big photo shoot of the house, preparatory to listing.   Two stagers and I lifted, moved, hid, cleaned, fluffed and ironed various items so that when the rock star of house photography came through, he had as close to perfection to shoot as possible.

Unfortunately, it had been raining for several days, so the yard had been neglected.

It’s always something.

The lawn care assholes (LCAs) killed off my beautiful stand of Joe Pye Weed.  Apparently sprayed it with their drug of choice, Round Up.

I asked a LCA once if he knew what that crap was going to do to him, and he replied, “I try not to think about it.”  Brilliant.  In a sentence, it encapsulates our survival instinct.

Joe Pye weed is something I put in for the pollinators.  I try to plant as much native stuff as possible.  I have, on occasion, planted things just for their beauty.  Usually, I am disappointed by those.  Like, peonies.  Peonies are beautiful flowers, but I can never get them to stay standing.  They always droop, spilling petals all over the ground.  So yesterday, I was out deadheading them, just to tidy up a bit.  And disturbed two toads.

I love toads.  I think they are so hopeful.  Frogs and toads have permeable skin.  That they continue to hang out in our yard, looking fat and healthy, makes me hope that they’ll survive our toxic wasteland.

President Obama announced an initiative to try to save the bees this week.  Bees are dying off (like everything else) probably due to Round Up and other toxic crap that is perfectly legal and giving us cancer and autism and other lovely items.  Round Up is now found in mother’s breast milk, along with dioxins.  Amazing how cancer fighting organizations never ever mention corporate engineered cancer when they want money or anything else, isn’t it?   So of course the national initiative does not target the biggest contributor to the bee die off – products that contain neonicotinoids, for instance.  That might affect profits, after all.

I just checked the spelling of neonicotinoids on dictionary dot com and guess what?  They provided a link to Bayer’s propaganda about how they are trying to save bees!  Bwahahahaha!

Bees, birds, bats, butterflies are all under major threat.  Besides being lovely creatures that deserve to live as much as we do, they perform a valuable service to we stupid humans…they pollinate our food supply.  By killing them off, we threaten our survival.

But that is industrial civilization for you.  Profits over life.

After our yard was doused in toxic chemicals without our permission or knowledge (and THANK YOU, home owners association, may you be sued in the future for reckless endangerment), to see birds and toads apparently still healthy, makes me hope that they’ll evolve some kind of survival strategy that will protect them until homo sapiens goes extinct.

I will continue to plant hope.



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2 Responses to Hope is a Toad

  1. witsendnj says:

    I stopped having my lawn mowed…I think this is the third year – mostly because it was really expensive. So now everything is a mess, I can’t even tend to the flower beds because I can’t get a wheelbarrow through the “meadow” to take weeks and prunings and such. My children are disgusted but I am coming to think of it as a wildlife sanctuary, which is very satisfying. No more roundup, so the driveway is shrinking. But then, I don’t have to worry about a HO Asso. Good luck selling, it’s about time things go your way!!! xoxo

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