Last weekend, we traveled again to Missouri to house hunt.  We linked up with a different realtor, she hooked me up with an online tool, and we found a spectacular place to see.  Never putting all eggs into one basket, we had four other properties on the list.

We had a rainy day, with lightening, so we were unable to walk around and had to confine ourselves, mostly, to the houses.  Hands down, this place was the nicest.   House is nice and small, but built with durable materials.  Has a barn, an orchard, gardening beds.  We put an offer in on the same day.  Accepted the next day….to my total surprise.

No doubt I’ll be boring all of you with information and pictures at some point, but not today.

It took a couple of days for it to really sink in; I still won’t be surprised if somehow someway this all goes to hell.  But I’ve been telling people and making arrangements for a July move.

To my surprise, I find that people will miss me.

One of the gifts I received from my mother is a bad case of gum disease.  So, quarterly, I spend an hour or so in the periodontists office for all kinds of fun.  The woman who works on me and I talk, of course.  I always request Monica; I like the way she hurts me.  She actually has very good hands, a good sense of humor, and curiosity.  I like her very much.

She seemed stunned when I told her this would be my last visit.  This surprised me, because she knows I’m a doomer and I always bring some bad news with me.  I don’t expect people to actually be happy to see me coming.  But she told me that whenever there is a weather disaster, she thinks of me.   I think that’s the funniest legacy a person could have.  She’ll be thinking of me a lot in the coming years.

I’m also leaving behind a great friend of 30 some years who could probably really use such a friend now.   Her husband has dementia without a great prognosis.  If I could bring her with me, I would.

I’ve been dreaming for so long about a quiet place in the country, a place to see some wildlife, plant some things for us to eat and some things for other critters to eat, to sow some seeds out of zone as a prayer that something lives on after us, to repent, in a way, for my own consumption by way of service to other species.  I have no illusions.  The Sixth Great Extinction is underway and there is no will to stop it.

If I must die before the actuarial tables suggest, and I believe I will, then I want to do it someplace where I could, literally, rot where I drop.*

This is the sum total of my bucket list.




*h/t to Grant for coinage.

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6 Responses to Breakthrough

  1. Chris says:

    This will only mean that you and I face time so you can take me with you on your daily walks

  2. ulvfugl says:

    Congratulations, I do hope it works out ! 🙂

  3. 44 south says:

    My congratulations too on the “breakthrough”. There is something about relating to a block of land that brings much joy and contentment and I hope that this will be your experience.I look forward to reading about the special spot you may well find. Mine is with my back against a old kahikatea [white pine] tree with a view of the mountain at dusk. Really enjoy your blog with its succinct heart felt thoughts.

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