Rebranding Hate

Batshit crazy people believe one or more of the following*:

  • The earth is 6,000 to 8,000 years old
  • Evolution is not proven
  • Growth has no limits
  • Our actions have no consequences
  • More guns are the answer
  • Enhanced interrogation is not torture
  • The United States of America is a democracy and was founded to be a christian nation
  • Climate change isn’t real
  • There is a sky god that has a naughty and nice list, who follows sports, loves America above all else and sent a son to help us become rich.

*All but one of these has been conclusively, exhaustively proven to be untrue.

So what?  Many batshit crazy people are perfectly tolerable to be around for short periods of time.  They are easily dismissed if I’m properly medicated.

The danger is when batshit crazy meets power.

Remember the Moral Majority and the Christian Coalition?  They morphed into the Tea Party and are having the same results as they did in their earlier incarnations….they simply don’t appeal to anyone who is non-white and female….at least not in large enough numbers.  Well, the Tea Party is in the process of rebranding, I believe.

I’m watching Justin Amash, US Congressman and founder of the House Liberty Caucus.  Of course, I was watching Justin Amash since his first race, I lived in his district, and he jumped ship quickly when the bigger job opened up.  Heavy financial backing available locally, via the DeVos family, who have strong connections with the Koch Brothers and other robber barons, slipped him easily into an incredibly safe seat (formerly occupied by Gerald R. Ford, of believe-it-or-not timing fame).  He’d have to be photographed in a compromising position with a goat to lose this seat.

So, last election, the demographics catch people’s attention.  Young people, especially, are not drawn to the republican party in enough numbers to keep the party viable long term.  You can see how that would be a problem.

Ron Paul, with a strong libertarian message, did well among young people, despite his advanced age.  Rand Paul is hoping to benefit.

Enter Edward Snowden.  What a gift!  A bona fide young person, standing up to the man, exposing evil doing.  Can you smell sulfur?  I’ll bet Ralph Reed had an orgasm.  Remember Ralph Reed?  Christian Coalition, Pat Robertson faithful, is now running an organization called Faith & Freedom.  It’s where batshit crazy goes to mingle.

There is a chapter in Michigan.  I took a look at it; lots of former Americans for Prosperity, Citizens for Prosperity, and CPAC ties.  Koch Brothers, industrialists of all kinds.

Congressman Amash founds the House Liberty Caucus, in part out of disgust over the NSA revelations of spying.  The banner on the website is a picture of Barry Goldwater, Ronald Reagan and Ron Paul together.  It swipes to Justin Amash, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz.  It changes, though.  Last time I looked, it had a copy of the constitution on it.

Liberty sounds suspiciously like libertarianism.  According to Wiki – “In the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, libertarianism is defined as the moral view that agents fully own themselves and have certain moral powers to acquire property rights in external things.”

Hmmm.  The Libertarian Party’s website takes a strong stand on personal liberty, believing that the 4th amendment gives us a certain right to privacy.  They specifically tie this to criminalizing recreational drug use and regulating abortion.  As in, it’s not the government’s business.

In fact, on the republican liberty caucus website ( there is a link to a passionate rant written by Tom Sheridan on why we must fight for privacy rights.  A person’s right to be secure in their own person, to have agency over their body, is a core belief of libertarians.

Who cares?  Well, Justin Amash says over and over and over again that he is “100% pro-life.”  He courts the Right to Life endorsement, flouts it like it means something other than he’s a hypocritical asshole, but now, he’s going to try to ride the libertarian demographics.

No one said batshit crazy was stupid.

But let’s keep in mind that that little liberty caucus held the country hostage last fall over “Obamacare.”

The christian right has shown itself over and over and over again to be opportunists who just want to regulate individuals and give corporations a pass.

You can’t talk to these people.  I’ve tried.  They are so dedicated to a non-reality that it’s impossible.  They don’t acknowledge anything they don’t like.  Kinda like three year olds.  The emotional development has just completely stopped.  If they don’t like what they hear, they either completely deny it or just make something up out of nothing.  And those are the ones who have some grasp of the English language.  Judging from the round up and deport illegal aliens comments, I’d say damn few are immigrants, so English is their native tongue and they still can’t communicate a coherent thought.

Another reason we are doomed.  Peak oil, climate change and overpopulation….we’re hitting the trifucta* and have absolutely zero leadership.  The answer is to ignore, deny, ignore and then try to shut up the reality based people by throwing them into jail.


*h/t to Gail for coinage.

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5 Responses to Rebranding Hate

  1. ulvfugl says:

    Just passin’ by 😉

    Your Real Government
    When dark deeds unfold, point the finger in this direction.

    • igotsomethin says:

      Always good to see you. All the horizontal hostility amongst our already small tribe makes me sad. Sometimes best to just stay quiet.

      • ulvfugl says:

        That brilliant genius woman hacker, her name is Quinn Norton, gave a talk explaining why and how, it’s an anarchist thing, a generational thing, an internet thing, the constant vicious infighting, nothing can be done about it except get used to it, if you try to control and interfere it only gets worse, it’s a savage way of getting group consensus among people who are extraordinary and non-conformist, the positive side is that outsiders find it absolutely baffling, that ‘friends’ kill each other, but that’s the way they do it and then get over it instantly, because it’s all virtual, no blood gets spilled, only egos get bruised, and people can do tender sensitive stuff in private messages if they wish. She explained that in her circle nobody asks to be told what to do, they are all fiercely autonomous, if anybody tells them what to do, they respond very aggressively. So if some new person arrives and asks what they should do, they receive blank amazement and disbelief, and don’t get accepted, because they are obviously clueless. Nobody even explains what they did wrong, they just get total humiliation, everybody else is flat out busy workaholic with no sympathy or spare energy for clueless people. I don’t have a link for that, it was long ago, but she wrote a good piece a few days ago.

        View at

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