Fat Lady is warming up

It was a material rich week here in the Nobody household.

Two pieces of news hit the mainstream press.  One, the US military is actually acknowledging that the so-called “arab spring” had less to do with freedom than with grain.  That is a huge admission, you know, because it says that people are starving already.  Sure, sure, people starve in Africa and Haiti and other places, but those are third world people (read black and primitive).  Egypt is civilized, has been civilized for a long time.  And the bread riots are beginning.  Yet, not a whole lot of reaction to that story, I noticed.

Virtually no coverage in the mainstream press about the food riots in South America, but I expect that to change eventually.

The second, about the western antarctic ice shelf, was a milestone.  Two studies conclude that it’s going to melt quickly and that the melting is irreversible.

I hear a fat lady singing.

The studies come quickly upon the heels of the ICCP report and the White House report.  What that means to me is that governments have concluded that denying the problem isn’t working, ignoring the problem isn’t working and now they are going to have to do something.

That scares me a lot.

Governments cannot admit that climate change is going to wipe out the planet.  And by that, I don’t mean the actual planet, just everything, pretty much, that lives on it.  Bacteria, cockroaches and thermophiles may do okay, but everything else is toast.

And, they can’t admit how fast that is going to happen.

Meanwhile, we’re in a consumptive frenzy.

how long will materials last

Note, it mentions “if” demand grows, “if” population continues to grow.  Anyone see any indication on any horizon that people are going to voluntarily reduce their reproduction and consumption?  Anyone?

The drill, baby, drill crowd cannot seem to conceptualize a world of finite resources.  They say they are conservatives.  What exactly is it that they are conserving?

Nooooo, now we’re going to start hearing ever more about “renewables” and “sustainability” as if those words mean anything.  I expect geo-engineering to become a really popular term among the former deniers (cue Rex Tillerson).  Since it is our technology that is driving climate change, I don’t expect that technology is going to solve the problem.  In fact, given our history, I expect that any intervention will make things worse, not better.

And frankly, I don’t think being able to say “I told you so” is going to make me feel any better.  I know I’m going to be able to say it a lot.   But I think I must be a malfunctioning human unit, because suffering bothers me.  I never reproduced, but there are several young people I care about and their lives are not going to be long or easy.

But loss of human life is the least of it, really.  The list of critters dying off is getting longer and longer.  It’s being said out loud now that “restoring” the earth is not possible.  We have crossed the rubicon, we have passed the tipping point…..the Sixth Great Extinction has been underway for awhile now and it’s only going to get bigger and bigger.

Many of us outliers have wondered if and when people will begin to wake up to the horror that is unfolding and some of us have hoped that they won’t.  If and when the masses wake up, they are going to want someone to blame.  The deniers are mostly batshit crazy christians and that track record is not real good when it comes to lucid thought.  We can look forward to more burnings, I expect, of people and books.  Nobody burns anything more cheerfully than batshit crazy christians.

I hear the fat lady running scales.









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2 Responses to Fat Lady is warming up

  1. witsendnj says:

    Great post, very lucid. Yes I agree when the evidence becomes overwhelming the prophets will be burned at the stake by the deniers and the fossil fuel barons will find the climate aware decorating pikes with their heads. That part might be amusing. Did you see the DOTE post about growth…very good also. http://www.declineoftheempire.com/2014/05/economic-growth-is-non-negotiable.html

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