Pretzel Logic

Since I’ve puked out the democratic party, I’ve been mulling over my options.  Something inside of me kind of insists on staying aware and participating in our government.  But there aren’t too many places that welcome critical thinkers.

My batshit crazy “representative” has at least voted against the NDAA and has voiced an opinion that the NSA has gone too far.  He models himself as a libertarian.  So I thought maybe that could be built upon.

Wrong, again.

The stumbling block in this case is the whole Christianity thing. Because he’s Christian, he’s “100% Pro-life”. He votes against help for children who are born, of course. He votes against help for anybody unless they are corporations or rich people.

I can’t get the logic.

How does the state supersede what a woman chooses to do with her own body? How does a libertarian reconcile the belief that people should be left alone with deciding how a woman must spend nine months of her life, if not her whole life? I don’t get that.

The fourth amendment of the Constitution gives Americans the right to be secure in their persons. Yet, a constitutionalist opposes that right for females.

So it has to be religious in nature. Which violates the Constitution in and of itself. But let’s go there anyway. Because the whole conversation around contraception and abortion has been so perverted by the Rush Limbaugh’s of the world that maybe people are just scared to be sane about this.

I am pro-choice. I’ve been pro-choice for decades. I am pro-choice because I believe that a woman’s body belongs to her. Just as I believe a man’s body belongs to him. I do not want anyone to be violated.  Imagine, just for one moment, that the biblical injunction on wasting sperm was written into the law books.  My, we could expect a revolution pretty quickly.  A right to be secure in your person is so basic that I just cannot grasp the logic otherwise. So I am against legislation or rules that say that a person cannot make decisions about their own body. Period.

I am not pro-abortion. Like President Clinton said, abortion should be “safe, legal, and rare.” In my humble opinion, abortion should be a last resort. So I am a huge supporter of freely accessible contraception. And again, this is where I depart from the “right-to-life” crowd. Those people are anti-contraception, and that makes no sense at all. If you don’t like abortion, wouldn’t you want it to be preventable? So the logic doesn’t follow. Many people have noticed, of course, that the right to lifers are Christians who believe that women should submit to men. They really aren’t right to life so much as they are anti-woman. That they have sold their brand as well as they have just proves that a woman’s sexuality is something that many fear. Probably it goes back to womb envy. Men will never forgive women for being the ones to bring forth new life; it is our original sin.

Maybe it’s a way around the Constitution to be Christian and hold ideas that one group should be subservient to another. The constitution won’t allow it but the bible sure will.

After the Donald Sterling NBA thing blew up, there were reactions from all kinds of black sportscasters about what a racist Sterling is.  One of these guys, who’s name escapes me, seemed kind of jubilant that Sterling had been caught out and banned for life.  You know what the first words out of his mouth were? He said something along the lines that Sterling should control his women better. No one even blinked.

It’s not even subtle but people still can’t see how women are viewed. It’s just the way things are.

Women must be controlled.

Black men say it.  White men say it.  Probably every other color does too, because women are seen all over the world as property, as objects, as anything other than individuals with their own hopes and dreams, needs and wants.

John and Yoko were so right:  Woman is nigger of the world.

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10 Responses to Pretzel Logic

  1. paulineschneider4p says:

    this is great. As usual your posts are hitting the mark.
    From pointing out the mixed truths of so called “patriots” toting guns and railing against NDAA but being fine with empire and the denigration of women, to the christian fundamentalist women so brainwashed they are clueless that they are just pawns, wombs to pass on the patriarchy.

    My girls were raised as atheists and I didn’t hear the end of it from their grandparents. But guess what? They are not brainwashed like I was! And they help ME realize when the patriarchal brainwashing still has its grip on my language. Hard to break those habits, being taught to be meek, polite, inoffensive, not a shrew (so to speak). How many times did I have that stupid Paul’s letter to the Corinthians hammered down my throat. I cannot say… (cover your head woman and shut up)

    And I love the title of this blog. Say it sister! Say it loud!!

  2. ulvfugl says:

    Just poppin’ by to say hello, and that I sympathise, and yes, I too find it helps to write, even if it changes nothing

    • igotsomethin says:

      Hey, good to see you! Always welcome here, in this obscure little corner of the world.

      • ulvfugl says:

        My pleasure, ma’am 😉

        Basically, there’s nothing that you can do except have a revolution. Probably 30 million people die, and then what ? Who knows who wins. You probably end up fragmented into smaller States which still hate each other.

      • igotsomethin says:

        You are probably right, and that ain’t gonna happen. It’s unbelievable that some 92 million Americans aren’t even looking for work anymore and still no violence. Don’t know what it’s gonna take, what with food prices going up so much. Scary times.

      • ulvfugl says:

        I think that’s why Nuland, McCain, Biden, Brenner, and the rest of the psychopathic filth have been busy in Ukraine setting up the neonazi death squads, ferment a new war in Europe, force Russia to fight, as a distraction from the crisis in USA, to keep themselves in power, that’s why there’s all the lies in the MSM. Putin hasn’t DONE anything, but suddenly he’s the new Hitler.
        And of course it’d be nice business for Lockheed and Bechtel the rest to have another good war.
        And Cargill and Monsanto want to get all that lovely farmland for cheap.

      • igotsomethin says:

        You forgot the oil and gas boys. Plenty of resources to grab. I have no idea what is going on over there, but I know my government lies through it’s teeth.

      • ulvfugl says:

        Yes, I think Chevron got a contract to do the fracking ? But China had just bought farmland the size of Belgium, what happens to that ? And the USA stole all the gold, 80 tons and flew it to America…. Whatever happens i expect everything will be looted and ripped off and the people of the country will lose.

      • igotsomethin says:

        That’s the script. Works every time.

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