As I was writing the easter post, Mr. Nobody was reading a local rag that appears in our mailbox unbidden.

It’s mostly advertising, and since we don’t pay for it or ask for it, I don’t read it.

sun&newsBut Mr. Nobody suggested that this particular article would interest me, and he was right.  As the father of three daughters, he was plenty upset about this.

Lake Odessa is a small town just east of us.  Total population, according to the 2010 census, is 2,018.

The Lakewood School district and it’s Board of Education hired Chad Curtis, a former Major League Baseball player, to teach and coach.

From 2011 to 2012, Mr. Curtis assaulted female students, while providing “training” massages.  He would touch their breasts and genitals, then pray with them.  The school principal, Brian Williams and the Asst. Principal, Bill Barker, witnessed Mr. Curtis in the closed room with a female student on at least one occasion each, and did nothing.   They apparently saw nothing wrong at all with a grown man being alone in a locked room with 15 and 16 year old girls.

Even after the allegations were made and after Mr. Curtis was arrested, they continued to express their belief that Mr. Curtis did nothing wrong.  In emails.

Mr. Curtis had a good local attorney.  The trial went for a week.  Five Jane Does testified at his trial.  It took the jury two and a half hours to convict Mr. Curtis.

The judge, Amy McDowell, called him a predator and said no community would be safe with him in it.  Mr. Curtis never took the stand.  At his sentencing, though, he took the opportunity to suggest that those five very brave girls were liars.

He has been denied appeals.


“The Lakewood board of education, at its Dec. 9, 2013 meeting, directed Superintendent Mike O’Mara to produce a report regarding the criminal events that took place at the high school.  After a two-week extension, O’Mara presented the report to the board at its Feb. 24 workshop, ” according to the story, written by Julie Makarewicz, and it basically just asked if all policies were followed in the employment of Mr. Curtis and in the treatment of his victims.

The board vice president, Jeff Gibbs, and board Treasurer, Gary Foltz, made a motion to accept the report.  During discussion, Frank Pytlowany wondered why there was no discussion of the report, as is usual.

Board president, Barry Vezino, wondered what else needed to be done, other than to accept the report and go ahead and implement the changes.

Mr. Pytlowany wondered how the report might affect the board once it had been voted on, since the school district is being sued by the victims.

So the report got tabled.  Unanimous agreement around that.  The board then went into closed session.

Lots of wondering going on in that board.  And, notice the names.  Are there no women in Lake Odessa? (There is actually one woman by the name of Denise Parks on the board, but she is never mentioned in the article.)

Oh, and since the incident, that board has gone on a tear to make sure no other students are ever violated again.  You know what they did?

They installed a window on the door in the training room.

Now the district is being sued in federal court, alleging that Lakewood Public Schools, the board of education and so far unnamed administrators didn’t protect the girls from abuse, or from the harassment they suffered after reporting the abuse.

The suit claims that Mr. Curtis was viewed as a celebrity in the district and portrayed himself as a “Christian man of deep faith and morality.”

“Lakewood schools received no less than 28 complaints from the victims and their family members about the hostile environment” and did nothing to stop it.

According to the story, “In fact, the victims were reportedly told they were being ‘overly sensitive’ and ‘you need thicker skin’ among other similar comments.”

The girls were “reportedly called names, threatened, bullied and harassed at both on and off school events, shunned and bullied in person and through electronic means.”

Doesn’t Lake Odessa sound like a great place to live?  Can you imagine what these girls have gone through?

Sounds to me like Principal Brian Williams and Assistant Principal Bill Barker had a bit of a man crush on Chad Curtis.  Sounds like they enabled this lying, disgusting fucking douche bag to prey on students and now they are going to be called to account.  Oh, how I wish I could be on that jury!  Because those “victims” have asked for a jury trial and they’ve asked for millions of dollars and I hope, fervently, that they get every penny.

Pedophiles groom their victims.  They become friendly and work to manipulate their targets so that they can do their deeds without being caught.

By harassing the victims after they spoke up, the grooming continued, didn’t it?  Weren’t these girls being told that their bodies aren’t their own?  That they should stay quiet about a high status male abusing them?  Because, after all, shouldn’t they be flattered that this christian man found them so attractive he just couldn’t help himself?

Did the whole town participate in the grooming?

At least these girls have parents that believed them.  At least these girls had that; parents willing to do what it took to protect their kids.

If these victims had been male, like Jerry Sandusky’s, would the reaction of the school board have been different?

After reading the article, I did a little searching.  Wikipedia’s entry on Chad Curtis is instructive.  The majority of the entry is with his baseball career.  There is a small box about his personal life.  Then a box called “Legal Problems.”  Isn’t that great?  Being convicted of six counts of criminal sexual misconduct is a legal problem, kinda like a DUI or a tax audit.

Kudos to Julie Makarewicz and Bonnie Mattson for the article.  It’s one of those articles you start to read, and by the time you get to the end, you think, wait, what did I just see?  And you go back to the beginning and read it again, just to be sure you did read it correctly.

Brilliant use of the absolutely clueless male names making clueless decisions that affect the next generation and how the entire system utterly failed to protect their young charges.

And it appears, they are still utterly incompetent, if not criminally negligent.

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2 Responses to Grooming

  1. Mr. Nobody says:

    A lack of empathy is one thing, but these “leaders” were clearly negligent, arrogant, and more concerned about themselves than the victims. What irks me is that whatever justice is served will likely never personally touch the authorities who were supposed to be on watch (pun intended). Where is the justice, christian or otherwise, when “leaders” hide in executive session. This is just plain disgusting.

  2. paulines chneider says:

    That’s patriarchy for ya.

    I’ve been on the receiving end of a couple of these douches as a child (you don’t need tits to attract pedophiles), so I feel these young women’s pain.

    It’s why I took up martial arts. All of them. 🙂

    But pedophiles, as we learned from this disgusting story, aren’t the only criminals. There are always accomplices, enablers, or those who are so numbed by our sick anti woman culture that they don’t even realize they are actively hurting young women. Like the principal and ass principal. (typo intended)

    Here in my town a few years back a couple of HS female students wanted to do a bit from the Vagina monologues for the HS talent show. But the male principal forbade them from using the “foul” word “vagina”. Because we all know it’s a four letter word. Oh wait…

    Needless to say, these young warriors said, “ef that, you patriarchal asshole”, in so many words, and used the verboten word to a packed house. The cowardly principal had them suspended. And of course this attracted national attention, including Even Ensler who showed up to defend these brave women, willing to say a female body part in public.
    News outlets, reporters from across the country showed up in our sleepy little towns of Lewisboro and Bedford, home of the original patriarch, the first supreme court justice, John Jay.
    We were the hit parade of modern sexism. Glad (sort of) to see that we aren’t alone anymore.

    The then principal of our high school (he was moved back to the MS where females are less aware of their degradation), by his repugnant act, stole not only their freedom of speech, but their feminine dignity, declaring their bodies vulgar and too indecent for public display or discussion.

    To make himself look good again, he held a public forum discussing free speech in a public school. The panel did not include a single woman (to which I commented in amazement that only 1 hour from NYC and they were not able to find ONE woman with the knowledge to discuss this topic). One of the genius men on the panel later on decided to give an example of bad language while the tape for the local cable access was running, and he dropped the f bomb. Panic ensued. And hilarity.
    Tapes were stopped, rewinded, everyone laughed at the idiocy. Men on high horses were humiliated. Finally.
    It’s really not that hard to do…

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