A Stolen Faith

Today is another stolen holiday, spent on stolen land.

I’ve been pondering the notions of entitlement and privilege while readying our house for sale.  There is nothing quite like middle class real estate these days to challenge any notions of what value is and what it isn’t.

Value, you see, isn’t fixed.  It doesn’t matter what something cost whenever you bought it, it matters what “the market” sees as value today.  Even when the market is wrong, it is right.

Go into any home store anywhere in the world and see if you can buy formica for the same price as, say, corian.  It is not possible, let me assure you.  Yet, the value of a home that contains more expensive materials is the same as a house that does not.

I’ve written before about how christians have systematically stolen and subverted pagan holidays, especially christmas and easter and then whined about those holidays being commercialized and secularized.  I have no patience with christians anymore.

When you steal something, whether it is something tangible like land, or something intangible like an idea, it has no intrinsic meaning….it’s just something you stole because you could.

Everything is fungible.  Everything is meaningless.

Perhaps I’m conflating the notions of value, meaning, and theft, but they all sort of come together in real estate.

Real estate agents are pragmatists.  They look at a house, look at the comparisons around the neighborhood and determine price.  Very rational.  What people pay for is what is valued, regardless of any other consideration.

In many ways, I’ve been quite the fool.  Making improvements like planting lots of trees and wildlife friendly perennials and using the best materials I could afford (durability and ease of maintenance determine “best” in my world) are simply not valued in this world of christians who seem to view the world as intrinsically valueless.

Have I mentioned that my real estate agent identified himself quickly as christian?

Have I mentioned that my batshit crazy “representative” in congress is 100% christian and pro-life and voted to reduce safety nets for children (voted for Paul Ryan’s crazy budget).

What does christian even mean?  Jesus Christ would not recognize his followers these days, I’m quite positive of that.

Since that man walked this earth, bad shit has happened.  People have taken his message of peace and love and turned it into something that does not compute in this old brain of mine.  Would Christ have approved of the Inquisition or the Crusades?

It’s crazy.  It’s a crazy fucking world we’ve constructed.  It makes less and less sense to me and more and more I just want to lose myself in what counts:  the real world.

Today is easter.   Rebirth, regeneration, renewal. Spring is here, the days are getting longer, robins are building nests.  I hear frogs at night.  That is my religion.


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3 Responses to A Stolen Faith

  1. “What people pay for is what is valued, regardless of any other consideration.” This is a great line that applies to so much in our capitalist society. Politicians, judges, lawyers, and university research professors are just a few of the professionals who appear to share this mantra with realtors.

    “Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder” but value is whatever the sucker is willing to pay or exchange for his integrity.

  2. darknightwalksinsunlight says:


  3. Chris says:

    You are singing to the choir! Long ago I found out worth is not connected to dollars. The person valuing anything is what they can steal it for, and feel good about getting a great deal. It is messed up.

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