I don’t fight the Keystone XL pipeline, or any pipeline, because of climate change.  That war needed to be won back in the 70s and 80s.  Remember when Reagan pulled the solar panels off of the White House?  The war was lost then; we just didn’t know it.

The extraction industry, including Shell and Exxon/Mobil, that group that funded the deniers, now admit that it’s real.

Rex Tillerson, for example, CEO of Exxon/Mobil just wrote a very nice op-ed piece for the world to read.  Yes, he says, climate change is real.  Yes, it’s having consequences.  And no, we won’t stop.  Not while there is money to be made.

Royal Dutch Shell has already gone to their “scramble” model……they had two sophisticated future modelling devices developed in 2008….one called “Blueprints”….that imagined a world that responded to the challenge….and one called “Scramble” (a future of droughts, superstorms, etc).  Even as they paid to delude people, they were making other plans.  Heart warming, isn’t it?

Rex has powerful friends.  He and his ilk own the United States Government, approved by the United States Supreme Court.

The extraction industry’s paid PR agents, members of Congress, still do their shilling, of course.  Practically the entire state of Texas still spews lies about climate change, even after their corporate master’s have moved on.

So, that battle is lost.

Huge populations will start moving around, as flooding, droughts, severe storms, earthquakes, and those other “natural” disasters increase.  Scientists predict that, by 2047, large areas of the Earth will become uninhabitable to humans.

(Those scientists, whom I have utmost respect for, are very often “surprised” by the speed at which change is occurring……this happens so frequently we now have a drinking game called “surprised scientists”.)

We’re doomed, the human species will join in the Sixth Great Extinction eventually.

We get to watch the rhinos go extinct first, then elephants, tigers, polar bears, bees, monarchs, bats, and that’s just off the top of my head.  The list is a long one.

Now, it’s just a question of how fast we go.  Without clean drinking water, it will be very fast indeed.

So, that is where we should put any remaining energy.  If you care about your life span, if you care about your children’s life span, if you care about your grand-children’s life span, it’s time to overcome the couch lock and start protesting every single frack site, every single pipeline, every single chemical being injected into every single frack well, every single corporation that is polluting waterways.

If you care, that is.






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3 Responses to Scramble

  1. If I understand this correctly, the reason to protest fracking and demonstrate that I care is to:

    a) protect the drinking water where I live so that I
    b) do not have to relocate to another geography, and
    c) can live longer than others in my species, and/or
    d) keep myself busy until the extinction occurs.

    But what about DWTS, the Voice, the NBA, the MLB, the NFL, …..?

    My brain is so scrambled!

  2. paulineschneider4p says:

    Guy McPherson and and I are driving up NY to Ottawa for a discussion with Paul Beckwith on Tuesday. Which will be livestreamed.
    Everyone we meet is deeply concerned about fracking. But its only part of the story.
    I agree, the game has been lost.
    But there are things we can still do to preserve some living organisms.

    I invite anyone curious, with questions, or concerns to join us at 7pm eastern time this Tuesday, April 8, on Guy’s facebook teacher page and on my Livestream event page (pauline schneider) where you can watch the conversation live.

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