What’s your threshold?  – Derrick Jensen

In private conversations and on public boards, I’m hearing, and I’m asking, “what’s it gonna take for people to do something?”

Whether it’s out of control police or spying or extraction or pollution……all of us are wondering…..what’s it gonna take?

The Sixth Mass Extinction By The Numbers.
► 90% of Lion populations gone since 2003.
► 50% of Great Barrier Reef gone since 1985.
► 50% of all Vertebrate Species may disappear before 2040.
► 90% of Big Ocean Fish populations gone since 1950.
► 50%of Fresh Water Fish populations gone since 1987,
► 28% of Land Animal populations gone since 1970.
► 30% of Marine Bird populations gone since 1995.
► 28% of All Marine Animal populations gone since 1970.
► 40% of Plankton populations gone since 1950.
► Species extinction is 1000 times faster than normal.
► Ocean acidification to double by 2050, triple by 2100.
► We shoot 90 elephants every single day, including Christmas.
► We shoot 2-3 rhinos every single day so that their ground up horns can be snorted in Asian nightclubs. This keratin is worth $20,000.00/lb.

What has to happen, how bad does it have to get, before we act?

Jeremy Jackson shows pictures of the scars that trawlers and long lines leave behind on the ocean floor… can’t really be called “fishing” anymore…’s become mining.  It leaves nothing behind.  Because 7.2 billion people on the world and growing by 200,000 people every single day (births minus deaths) must be fed.

Out of control human reproduction is driving us to extinction.  Period.  End of sentence.

We hate limits.  We always want more.

I hate this culture.  This culture hates me, so at least I’m part of a mutually hateful community.  My church and my religion is viewed as a resource to be exploited.  Nature only counts as potential money.   The Great Lakes are under threat by Enbridge and their terrific sense of responsibility to the earth, and by Canada, who wants to bury some nuclear waste right next to one, and by Indiana, who shills for BP and allows mercury into the waters, and of course, by Entergy, who releases “slightly radioactive” water into Lake Michigan, and by the metropolis of Grand Rapids, who spews sewage into it in hard rains.  And we can’t forget Cleveland’s and Detroit’s contributions either.

Cities have really worked out well for us.  Since Gilgamesh deforested part of the middle east to build the first one,  cities have caused a whole lot of death and destruction.  Those that love them point to “culture” as what they give back.  So, they import all of their resources (whether or not people want to give them), they spew trash and waste of all kinds, but they give us music and art in return.

What a deal!

No wonder I’m a fan of cave art.

I’ve reached my threshold on people.  I’ve tried to live in cities (and I’m talking small ones), and I’ve visited some of the biggies, and I just can’t stand them.   Noise hits me as a physical assault….loud music or gunshots; my body feels them the same.  Then there are the smells…..rotting garbage on a summer’s day is always pleasant.

I’ve compromised on the suburbs, but it’s just not working out.  The noise levels aren’t all that much different….people are people and they’ve just got to have a stereo on wheels or their Harley’s or whatever the fuck they think they need…..and I have to get away from them, too.

I’m on the threshold of a new kind of life, one that will have much more of the real world.

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3 Responses to Thresholds

  1. Chris says:

    Don’t forget to take your ATV, your jacuzzi with ear blasting audio, and your 3000 channel 3D HD TV, and your drone fleet.

  2. ulvfugl says:

    Don’t forget the crows and ravens.

    This finding shows that elaborate cognitive skills arose independently in corvids and primates, taxonomic groups with an evolutionary history that diverged about 300 million years ago. It further proves that the neocortex is not a prerequisite for self-recognition.

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