Show me the evidence

2014 is shaping up to be an epic year.   And I do take a bit of satisfaction in having predicted it all.  Water is becoming quite the issue.

Take a look at Brazil.  Did you know that over 200 municipalities are rationing water there?  How would you?  The mainstream press hasn’t covered it.  Got the latest issue of that piece of shit called The Atlantic and the most pressing cover story was about fraternities.


While I predicted that the Olympics would never take place in Tokyo Japan, I have started to wonder if the Rio Olympics will happen.

Malaysia is rationing water as well.

We shall see what California does, but the maps of that drought don’t look good.  I understand that cattle farmers are shipping their animals to Texas, which elicits a chuckle since people there were abandoning their livestock to just roam.  Below, guess which picture was taken in 2011 and which was taken in 2014.  This is Folsom Lake.


But nothing seems to deter the deniers.  Which makes me wonder what planet they occupy.

There are many, many things about the world and people that I don’t understand and probably never will.  People who choose to form opinions based on no evidence at all are just so fucking stupid that I can’t understand why anybody listens to them.

Periodically, I like to visit the Facebook page of my batshit crazy “representative” in the United States Congress.  He’s got followers from all over the country, encouraging his love affair with fellow Psychos Ted Cruz and Rand Paul and an America that never existed.  Apparently, these followers suffer from some serious memory loss in that the fact that the Heritage Foundation (which LOVES batshit crazy) is what wrote “Obamacare.”  If there is any justification of how this reversal came about, I haven’t seen it.


One gentleman posted this pushback

so I went to that page and it’s a militia guy in Tennessee.  Apparently, there haven’t been enough disasters in Tennessee to yet convince him, but I hope when it does happen (and it will), no one asks for the feds to bail them out.

Like the fishing industry, for instance.  Scallops, oysters and shrimp populations are crashing as the oceans get more acidic and this will only worsen with time.   Droughts in breadbasket places like California and Brazil and a crashing ocean will translate into skyrocketing food prices.  We see it happening in grocery stores now.

Think about the consequences here for a moment.  If I’m wrong about climate change, what’s the downside to conserving fossil fuels?  If the deniers are wrong, it’s catastrophic.

Fact free thinking.  It’s killing this country.  It’s killing the planet.

And another item not well covered in the news so far is the radiation leak in New Mexico.  Yup, the state of the art, best way to dispose of nuclear material, never gonna leak facility had a fire (it appears), was venting rads for days before telling anyone and now has 13 employees who are probably going to die from radiation exposure.  Google the WIPP facility near Carlsbad New Mexico for the latest because sure as hell it won’t get covered unless, you know, something “bad” happens.

Which brings me to the latest piece of news that makes me smile.  My friend Rex Tillerson, CEO of ExxonMobil, planet killer, has joined a lawsuit against ExxonMobil for wanting to frack his neighborhood.  Seems all of those trucks and all of that extraction might affect his property values.  Bwahahahaha!  Join the club, Rexie!

Whattaya wanna bet that that particular lawsuit wins in court?  Anybody?  Rex makes in the neighborhood of $32 million a year, his property is valued at about $5 million and the whole neighborhood is dripping in money, so I’ll put some dollars in and say that Rex & Co will beat the frack and Rexie will run around the country telling people that the justice system works.  Anybody want to bet against that outcome?  Anyone?

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