Beware the Treaties

When I opened the shades this morning, I was greeted by a monochromatic world.  Michigan is covered in snow.  Cloudy days are the norm.  The wind has been quite gusty, blowing snow all around.

These are good days to stay inside, to stay warm.  I’m grateful that I can.  Too many Americans are struggling this winter, with propane shortages, with money shortages, with compassion shortages.  So far, we’ve experienced none of the power outages that have occurred with polar vortex parts one, two and three that the nation has experienced.

I’ve watched some YouTube videos to pass the time.

Chris Hedges has been doing a few talks now about America’s sharp turn toward inverted totalitarianism.   I think he makes  a compelling case that The Powers That Be know that climate change is going to hasten collapse and that they are preparing for this eventuality by stripping us of our rights and setting us up for the for-profit prison industry.

He doesn’t strike me as a conspiracy theorist or a crazy person.

I watched a video called “Ocean Apocalypse” that Jeremy Jackson gave to the United States Naval Academy.  I’ve seen Department of Defense statements about climate change and the societal disruptions that will come with mass starvation, disease, water wars, and so forth.  The Powers That Be know what is coming.

I no longer know if government ever really served the people, but I do know, without a doubt, that it doesn’t anymore.  There is so much evidence in support of this view that I can’t list them all and still respect the word count, but watching who goes to jail and for what, and who doesn’t and for what, tells the story.

The Dan River is now being polluted with coal ash.  Duke Energy’s spill, this time.  And West Virginia just closed some schools because kids are sick from the water that government says is now safe.

This is the water supply.  Yeah, I’m talking about that thing that we can only live three days without, again.  Because even as I say I know that government doesn’t give a shit about people anymore, I still can’t quite get my mind around it…..that they are working, hand in glove, protecting and serving the people who are contaminating the water supply at the same time that they are killing people overseas in the name of “protecting” Americans.  I can’t process this level of hypocrisy.  I keep expecting my head to explode.

The other video I saw was of Russell Means.  One of his quotes jumped out at me, and it provides me the perfect segue way into the next thing and it is this:

“‘Indian policy’ has now been brought down upon the American people, and the American people are the new Indians of the 21st Century.”

And once again,  Michigan legislators give me evidence in support of what Mr. Means might’ve meant when he said that.   Rick Outman and Aric Nesbitt, both republicans, introduced HB 5254 and HB 5255 that would change the language in Act 16 from “landowner” to “owner of agricultural property.”  This has some interesting implications for eminent domain claims.  Mr. Nesbitt has at least claimed to not know exactly what the language in the bill was…..interesting again, because it certainly suggests that he didn’t write it (which begs the question….who did?).  If you’re as cynical and pessimistic as I have become, you know that legislators don’t actually research and write legislation anymore.  They’ve outsourced that to the lobbyists.  The “representatives” job is to get elected, then re-elected and to do what they are told by the people paying the bills.

Native Americans know probably everything there is to know about land grabs, and about how much you can trust the word of any member of the American government.  The names change but not much else.

Property rights dim in comparison to access to clean water, of course.  Yet, they are so connected, because Act 16 is all about pipelines, oil, gas, and ultimately, fracking.  This has become a new battlefield.  The government is firmly in bed with industry on this, so the landowners are on their own, many of whom are very concerned about water; both its levels and its purity.

And the three women who peacefully protested Enbridge’s Line 6B are still in jail.

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1 Response to Beware the Treaties

  1. Kemo Sabe Rides Again says:

    Well said! It’s like that slow motion feeling of a car accident in progress. The moment is filled with danger as we’re spinning out of control. How badly will this end? What, if anything, can we do in the midst of it? And, it’s not as if we weren’t forewarned. Damn, this sense of foreboding is exhausting.

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