Who Killed Kennedy?

Ok, I admit, I don’t know who killed Kennedy.  But of interest are two videos I’ve seen recently that offer an idea.

Before we go there, and by there, I mean into the whole conspiracy thing, I do want to offer a tidbit seen somewhere in my travels around the internet.  Someone suggested that it was the CIA that came up with the term “conspiracy theory” to discredit those who would ask questions about the Kennedy assassination.  I tried to verify that on Snopes, but couldn’t, so make of that what you will.  But it makes me smile to think that, if true,  the guy who came up with it got a huge corner office with bulletproof windows as a reward, at the very least.  One little term worked brilliantly!

Both of these videos offer the idea that the politicians we elect aren’t really running things.  This is not a surprise to anyone paying any attention, of course.  But what got my attention is that both referred to one speech that President Kennedy made just prior to his assassination.  The first video I’ve linked to, the Storm Clouds Gathering one, does not mention the executive order that Kennedy signed and that LBJ repealed. The second one, about what the Fed is and what it does and where it came from, does mention the executive order that was signed prior to his death. Interesting.


And the second video:

Is there a thinking person in America who believes that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone?

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10 Responses to Who Killed Kennedy?

    • igotsomethin says:

      Oh, ulvfugl, you know EVERYTHING!

      Hey, been meaning to ask you if you’ve read Le Bon or Bernays.

      • ulvfugl says:

        I’ve tried to know everything, so far, I’ve still not got to the end 🙂

        I’ve read bits of both. Never found time to read either straight through.

        It’s well known that Bernays advised the US corporations, but apparently he also advised Hitler, although I’ve never checked that out.

        America has had lots of great people whose names and ideas have been suppressed.

        This guy


        This guy


        Russell Means

      • igotsomethin says:

        Oooh, thanks for the Banks vid! Very good!

      • igotsomethin says:

        I mean, Means. I get Russell Banks and Russell Means confused. I’m so sorry!

      • ulvfugl says:

        I see what you means 🙂

        If you want to understand banks and money and economics and how the system works there is really only one book, Graeber’s, there is no other like it. It’s long, but you can read it free online.
        I found it mind blowing.

        If I was in your house, and you asked me to pass the towel, I’d just hand it to you, and that would be that.

        But capitalism makes that exchange into a commodity and monetizes it. So, after handing you the towel, you OWE me, and I can make a claim against you.

        That’s the essence of banking. They make a system where we are all entrapped, snared, enslaved, in our obligation to the banks to repay our debt. Which we can never ever do. Because there’s always more owed than there is money in the system. So however hard we work, however hard we try, some people will always be left, just like musical chairs, without a seat, unable to pay.

        And WE think it’s OUR fault ! For failing and being losers. Isn’t that amazing. And this cunning way of enslaving people has been going on for thousands of years, and has been perfected….

        I’m oversimplifying a lot… it’s long complicated book..


      • igotsomethin says:

        I’m pretty sure my tiny little brain will not get through the Graeber book. Thanks!

  1. The storm cloud vid on the psychology of power reminded me of my psychology classes in college – though back then it was reading between the lines as the future unfolded in reel time. I am reminded of Noam Chomsky’s observational wisdom “the same systems that oppress can liberate.” Also, I appreciate the way your blog is becoming the media by raising collective awareness. Thank You.

  2. ulvfugl says:

    There’s some references to the assassination and the CIA here

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