Empire of Lies*

*Or, the real state of things.

It’s getting to be that time of year, when whatever idiot we elected to executive office tells us how it’s going.

The lies this year will be whoppers.   They begin with the name:  United States of America.

America isn’t united.  I doubt we ever have been, but we’re more fractured today than ever before.  It’s still north versus south, but it’s also east versus west, left versus right, 1% versus 99%, police versus citizens, men versus women, whites versus every other color, straights versus gays, blah blah blah.

Michigan is a flyover state, only important during presidential election cycles.  We are now a right to work state.  We are being fracked.  We had the biggest inland oil spill in the history of the world three years ago and it still isn’t cleaned up.  Our major city is bankrupt; probably pensions will evaporate.  Our educational system has been privatized and corporatized.

This is happening all over America.

We are being monitored and spied upon, our constitution is being shredded before our eyes, the police are being equipped by the military and are beating and probing citizens and then charging them for the fun and dissent is being treated as terrorism.

No one is talking about this in the mainstream.  All conversation around these realities is confined to the fringes.

I used to subscribe to seven or eight different national magazines, as recently as two years ago.  My subscriptions are zero now, because the disconnect between what is reality here in the “heartland” or flyover state and how the east coast media sees it is bigger than the Grand Canyon.

I expect no less from the executives.  The president and governors alike will tout an imaginary economic recovery, spouting lots of numbers, all of which are meaningless to the people actually living in this country on wage slavery or government benefits that are steadily being whittled away.  The people losing pensions in bankruptcy actions have no recourse.  Real wages are stagnant and have been so for a long time, regardless of which corporate party is in office.

And job numbers….you have to look at those very critically. Exactly where were these supposed jobs “created”?  If in the private sector, where?  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that this country cannot be supported by fast food workers.  And any unemployment numbers cannot be trusted because people who’ve stopped looking for work and who’ve fallen off of the “rolls” are not counted.

We have an enormous wealth divide in this country and nope, that won’t be mentioned.

The financial system will be tippy toed around, if mentioned at all.  Most of us know it hasn’t been fixed.  Actually, there is no way to fix it.  Our system is capitalism.  Capitalism requires growth.  We live on a  finite planet.  We don’t accept that limitation.  So we are very literally killing ourselves and everything else for short term profits.  And that is completely fine with the executives giving these little speeches, so no, you won’t hear about that.

The pesky storms, wildfires, droughts, flooding – whatever extreme weather event (or “natural disaster” in mainstream parlance) most recent, if mentioned at all, will be to assure people that recovery is around the corner and everything is being done that can be done and we’re resilient and – well, fill in the cliché of choice.  Perhaps a heartwarming anecdote of someone who went to great lengths to surmount an obstacle and was successful will be included here.  No mention of increasing CO2 emissions will be made.  No mention will be made that every year, the weather is going to become less and less predictable.  No mention will be made of the difficulty of growing food in erratic weather.

No doubt our troops will be thanked, but not mentioned will be the 70 men and women serving on the USS Ronald Reagan who rendered aid to Japan during the Fukushima meltdowns and are now suffering what sounds like radiation sickness and are being refused proper treatment and are suing the government.  Also not to be mentioned is the illnesses of troops exposed to depleted uranium ammunition.

In short, you will hear from the executives what you hear on television or read in the mainstream press:  the situation, while challenging, is perfectly normal, it’s all under control, nothing to see here, move along.

I just saved you quite a bit of time.  You’re welcome.

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2 Responses to Empire of Lies*

  1. ulvfugl says:


    How the rich win and a fish that eats birds.

    Feed the rich to the fishes and save birds.

    T shirts slogan or bumper sticker ?

    Don’t suppose anyone else will get it…


  2. well, um, yeah. Because it is so much more fun to dwell in the land of make believe than to face reality, right?
    As far as I can see, the ecology is the only thing anyone should be discussing, but who am I to say?
    ECONOMY is all “they” care about.

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