Really stupid sitting ducks

Now that Christmas has shown up in stores prior to Halloween, can the year in review stories be far behind?

Was 2013 a good year for you?

If you were one of the people living in the 33 disaster areas that cost over a billion dollars that occurred worldwide, my guess would be no.

Fukushima isn’t on that list, by the way, because it actually “occurred” in 2011.

Predictably, the one year after Sandy stories are appearing expressing surprise that the areas affected are still in dire straits. Katrina happened in 2005 and there are still people who struggle.

Recovery is another lie.

I’m comfortable predicting pretty much the same stories in 2014 about the Denver storm. Change the locations and tweak a few details and the stories will write themselves.

I seriously doubt that all of the ranchers in North Dakota that lost cattle in one of those “freak, once in a decade” storms that are happening all of the time now will totally recover.

I know the land covered in the oil spill in the same state will never recover. Just as the Gulf of Mexico is basically a dead zone. And that one happened in 2011 as well.

Geez, don’t you wish we could have been warned about all of this?

Oh, right. We were. Back in 1990. The United Nations advisory group on greenhouse gases reported:
“Beyond 1 degree Celsius may elicit rapid, unpredictable and non-linear responses that could lead to extensive ecosystem damage.”

Hmmm. In other words, once we exceed 1 C, we don’t know what the fuck could happen but it won’t be pretty.

Aaannnnd, we’re there.


Consider 2013 and the 33 storms that have happened already this year. Which nation/state has billions of dollars sitting around just begging to be spent on recovery?

At least two years ago, now, the American electrical grid was rated a “D” by the American Society of Civil Engineers and they recommended an investment of $107 billion to bring it back up to snuff.

No one has the money to invest in infrastructure. This, at the same time that millions of people now live near fracking and oil wells and pipelines that are exploding. Just read a news story this morning about an oil truck that blew up.

Meanwhile, trillions of dollars sit in offshore accounts, having been siphoned off from the public coffers. Oh sure, there has been “outrage” over that, but nothing has been done about the tax system and shelters.

We’re sitting ducks.

And yet, we still hear “No one could have predicted this” whenever exactly what has been predicted actually happens.

Check out the arctic. Methane is being measured in really high quantities all over the place. That is not good.

You would never know that the physical world is seriously, seriously damaged and basically revolting under the weight of our pollution, our population and our consumption. At least, not in America. Turn on the teevee or open a magazine or newspaper, and the threat to humanity and to every other species on the planet is never mentioned, even by people who should know better.

Just can’t wait to see what 2014 brings!

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2 Responses to Really stupid sitting ducks

  1. Former mall rat says:

    Not so fast Kimosabe….only 50 more days ’til Xmas! Don’t forget our capitalist still need the rest of 2013 to survive!

  2. pauline says:

    I thought there was an attack against Christmas? I guess not! There’s an attack against Thanksgiving! And an attack against common sense. And an attack against the truth. Sigh…
    I just posted a new video of Guy McPherson’s Climate Chaos presentation. Here’s a link to the trailer for it where I mention that nearly 100 years ago scientists were predicting extinction….
    People have known, but more level heads prevailed and called them alarmists and disregarded them, discredited them and dismissed them… And so here we are today…Still hearing men like Guy McPherson are alarmists and hysterical. I’m quite certain the 1200 people killed in the Philippines don’t think so….

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