The Daily Nightmare

Sometimes, I wish that I was crazy, that this world I am living in isn’t real, but a surrealistic nightmare that is the product of an insane mind.

This process of recognizing the insanity is so freaking painful that I do understand, from the bottom of my heart, why most people aren’t doomers.

My virtual friend Gail, over at Wit’s End, had a killer post up recently. She’s way more technologically advanced than I am, and she’s doing a gut-wrenching thingie wherein a picture of a tree from last year is compared to a tree of this year.

In the same post, she mentions that we need a new word for what witnessing the collapse of the natural world feels like. Because “depression” doesn’t cut it.


I have personal knowledge of clinical depression. It runs in the family. I did two terms of psychotherapy for a total of 14 years, and it was a valuable experience that I don’t regret, but it did not stop the depressions. Every person is different, of course, but mine were crushing, numbing weights that made the difference between waking and sleeping negligible.

That by way of explaining why I’m in agreement with Gail. We not only need a new word to describe this feeling, but we may need a whole new vocabulary.

I use the words sanity and insanity, but really, what does that communicate?

Take a look at this image….a before and after shot of the tar sands in Alberta Canada.


That’s insane, right?

But not insane enough!

Because Toshiba is developing a small nuclear device to help extract those tar sands even more efficiently.

Nothing says money quite like mixing bitumen with nuclear material, does it?

I want someone to waken me from this nightmare. I don’t need to ride roller coasters or watch horror movies; I’m daily terrified and horrified just by reading the news.

Then along comes the Nature article, a peer reviewed paper, that basically says that by 2047, if we don’t stop our current emissions, we are toast. And even if we do, we may get another 10 years or so.


This study concentrates only on climate. It does not take into account ocean acidification, population growth, the loss of arable land, little things like Fukushima, or any of the inter-relationships that all contribute to our demise.

Now, that is some stunning shit right there. And, how many people have even heard of this study? It was all over the news, even in the mainstream press, and the response to it has been…..? Continuing the emissions, of course!

Just as discussing population growth is a taboo subject, the hard, provable scientific fact that burning fossil fuels is going to kill millions of people is just not something anyone wants to face.

And yet, we doomers keep trying to wake people up. I know I do. I keep hoping that people with young children will take this shit seriously, that they will see that the survival of their own is at stake.

But a sane person can only conclude that people want to deny so badly that they’ll kill their own children to do it. Slowly.

Wake me up. Please.

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2 Responses to The Daily Nightmare

  1. Bev says:

    Re: people with young children. My kid is 17 now, and I have to say, I used to be much more open with her about doomer things, but as she’s gotten older, and it seems that every teenager I know is either completely oblivious or suffers some kind of mental illness, I’m afraid I keep it to myself. I feel I’m failing her, and yet I don’t want to be responsible for escalating her depression, anxiety and god knows what. It’s like Gail and the trees, I think teenagers are showing the damage from this fucked up world and everyone is blaming facebook instead.

    I live in Canada where this summer a train full of some kind of shale oil exploded in a small town, killing 47 people and blowing half the town to smithereens. Some people used this as an excuse to promote pipelines instead of seeing this as evidence that we have to stop burning fossil fuels. I can’t even respond to those people, they make me so angry.

    Sometimes I think my anger keeps me from being depressed, if that makes any sense. Anyway, I love this post, it helps to know I’m not alone.

    • igotsomethin says:

      Bev, I miss your blogs!

      No, you are not alone. There aren’t many of us, apparently, but there are a few other mutants around. Even though the Internet is part of the consumption problem, I admit that I love it (just like I love central heating).

      I feel so sorry for the next generation. But I also don’t think you need to point this shit out to your 17 year old anymore. She’s got eyes and a brain.

      My shrink told me that depression is anger turned inwards. Keep the anger pointed outward, onto the assholes killing the planet. That’s my strategy.

      Thanks so much for reading and for commenting!

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