The Long Dick of the Law

There is a lot of video out there that I can’t watch. I can’t watch animals being tortured, and I can’t watch rape. I know these things take place in our world, but I can’t bear witness.

I can and do watch video of police beating on people. When I first saw the Rodney King video, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I may have watched the whole thing twice, because I had to prove to myself that I was actually seeing what I saw.

Those guys got off. So did the cops accused of raping and murdering a prisoner in custody in New York City.

I watched this video today. It’s disturbing. Watch it first with no sound.

Hold onto those images.

Our little town has new police cars. Not the Crown Victoria’s of old, these are muscle cars. Gone are the friendly colors, replaced by stark black and white POLICE. Gone too is the “To Protect and Serve” motto.

Also seen recently is a new Amex commercial. A man walks by several security cameras and police cars and finds it all reassuring because, you see, a police state is to our benefit.

Now think of that video again.

We already know that people working at nuclear power plants blow positive results on breathalyzers on a regular basis, so one can only imagine what our police are ingesting.

I’m reasonably confident that in a good random sample, a high number of cops in any urban area are going to test positive for steroids, at the very least.

Now imagine having to work with these people. Go back to the video and watch the one cop cradling this woman in his arms. What must be going through his mind? What is he feeling? Can he still feel?

Courtesy of Homeland Security, we’re arming these people with tanks. Look at any urban cop today and you see a soldier, but without the rules of engagement.

I deeply, truly and sincerely detest and despise the fact that 50% of my federal tax dollars go to the military. Words fail to describe the feeling of knowing my state and local tax dollars are going to fund a police state.

Watch that video again. That could be you. Or me. Or someone you know and care about.

Added on 11/7/13…..

Another day, another atrocity by police. I think I’ll keep a running list of links here, just to be clear about what is coming and what is already happening even before the lights go out.

This one, from Deming New Mexico.

Added on 1/10/14, another atrocity by police in Chicago, again.  I’m actually behind on updates; there are at least 2 more I’ve got to find the links to.  Anyway:

Added on 3/11/14

This Happened: Detroit Cop Responding to Domestic Violence Call Charged With Raping Victim

Added on 5-2-2014

Added on 6/24/14

added on 7/7/2014




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