Suburban Nature

I keep being startled by what appears to be a blind male house finch, maybe a very young one.

A tobacco addict, I refuse to smoke inside our house. So I stepped onto the front porch the other day for a smoke, and this bird was on our porch. He seemed to be aware that I was there, especially after the reflex gasp from me when I noticed him.

As I smoked, I talked to him. He chirped back a little. Finally, I remembered my manners and got him some seeds to eat. He either wasn’t hungry or wasn’t aware they were there. I finished and went inside, and he flew, after a fashion, off.

The other morning, I went outside to fill the bird feeders and there he was, all alone, on the tube feeder with the black oil sunflower seeds. He startled me again, as I was busily watching my feet so as not to step on any of the little toads that have appeared this year.

So, I talked to him again, refilled the ground feeder and retreated to the sitting rock to wait for him to finish so I could refill.

And waited.

I’m going to miss this bird room we created. Over the years, it has given me so much pleasure. So I drank it in, waiting.

I finally approached the feeder again, and again, he didn’t move. I stood, motionless, watching him grab a seed, crack it open, and eat it. Over and over. I reached out and stroked his tail. Then along his back. Still, he didn’t move.

Then the lawn care assholes arrived on their death machines and he sort of half bounced, half flew off the feeder and into the tree.

Hawk Meat is his name, or just Meat, for short.

He was out there again this morning, on the tube feeder. Poor guy, all of his friends fly off whenever I appear and he’s left, alone, looking around. He doesn’t fly very well at all, kind of a spiraling, bouncing motion, so there is more wrong with this guy than his eyesight.

At least he is well fed hawk meat. I do like to contribute as I am able.

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1 Response to Suburban Nature

  1. Gail says:

    Bird sightings…Yesterday morning, first thing, I saw a hummingbird outside my window where the crepe myrtle is blooming. Today, on the driveway picking through the gravel, several mourning doves and four wood thrush!

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