“Some may have concerns about Fukushima. Let me assure you the situation is under control. It has never done and will never do any damage to Tokyo. It poses no problem whatsoever. There are no health related problems until now, nor will there be in the future. I make that statement to you in the most emphatic and unequivocal way.”

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

Tokyo wins the 2020 Olympics.

It’s absolutely stunning that anyone would make such a statement, but perhaps even more insane is that the IOC believed him.

The world is mad.

Meanwhile, here in the lunatic asylum that is America, our bloodthirsty president needs to add the Syrian notch to his belt.

What so few in Washington seem to understand is that it does not matter if chemical weapons were used; it does not matter who used them. The United States government has no moral authority to enforce any color line they might dream up.

The United States government is the only nation to my knowledge that has already used most of the weapons of mass destruction. The United States government has used them on other nations as well as their own citizens.

We have no moral standing and everybody knows it. So it’s about oil, or doing a favor for our friends in the Kingdom or for Israel, but it is most assuredly not about chemical weapons.

Even the lies are boring. You’d think with insanity so rampant, people could get a little more creative with the deceptions.

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6 Responses to Insanity

  1. Chris says:

    1. I kind of like the idea of a javelin thrower having a three headed baby
    2. Funny, I thought agent orange was a chemical weapon

  2. Now and Zen says:

    I wonder if the Prime Minister will commit seppuku when his words come back to haunt him?

  3. pauline says:

    We need some other policing nation to come rescue us from our evil overlords. We have turned into the darkest nightmare of a nation.

    • igotsomethin says:

      Yes, we have. But this has been true for all of our history. We just can’t hide it so much anymore. And now, of course, white people are feeling the effects, as well as the people of color who have known this all along.

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