A Sorrow in Our Hearts

Our Kentucky adventure has reached its end.

We picked Kentucky to escape the winters of Michigan – the cold, the snow, the days on end with no sunshine. Having driven through the state many times, we were aware of its beauty and it was only a days drive from many of our family members.

We spent over a year looking for property, concentrating on the Central region. We looked North, South and East of Lexington. First it was homesteads, but finding an appealing house on enough acreage (we wanted 10 or more) proved frustrating.

So we adjusted and looked for vacant land. We found a property we really liked. Ninety two rolling acres with limestone cliffs, caves, a stream, bordered on one side by National Forest, with wildlife galore but seven miles from a decent sized town. Three years of bad advice, mistakes, surprises and three failed wells has convinced us that Kentucky does not appear to want us as much as we want it.

I could say something insouciant like “easy come, easy go” but the truth is, this hurts. A lot. There were so many possibilities for an off the grid, low impact, in tune with nature lifestyle there. That land got under my skin; the colors, the light, the terrain.

But, we’re grown ups, right? You can’t always get what you want. We’re older and wiser now. It’s time to concentrate on what we need.

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4 Responses to A Sorrow in Our Hearts

  1. SprinklinThoughts says:

    Bummer… well, you tried and gave it your best shot… that’s what counts I guess… I do wish that things work out for you and you have a better outcome in the end… who knows, maybe something more suitable will come along?… I hope so…

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