The Develhell Blues

The Japanese Beetles have arrived, right on time. We enjoy just one pure bloom from the rose bushes before they are decimated.

Every year, they emerge from the Kentucky Bluegrass sod that sees no milky spoor, and chow down on the Linden trees, the rose bushes, the dwarf cherry tree and I don’t know what else. We have a healthy skunk population as well. But, why treat the root cause?

So, Merit is being applied around me, the HOA never did respond to my notes and life goes on here in develhell.
Firecrackers are the new night sound of preference. We ignore the lovely tunes of cardinal or robins to instead blow things up.

Solar panels are forbidden but satellite dishes bloom from roof tops. Our insanity knows no bounds.

I walk Bubbles through this “upscale” neighborhood and try to keep her from eating the cigarette butts, the occasional condom, dead critters, and whatever else might line the street. Fast food containers, bottles of both the glass and plastic variety, can also be seen daily. A trashy place I cannot wait to leave.

The Baltimore Orioles are still coming to the jelly. I’m so inspired by their presence, I bought meal worms for the first time. Haven’t yet seen the Orioles actually eat any. A Starling ate all of them yesterday – and probably today as well – I didn’t witness it.

Pulling weeds and tidying the beds, I rousted a tiny little toad. Must’ve been an Oak toad, but I didn’t get a good look. Just happy to have caught a brief glimpse.

Watched a sparrow catch a bug in mid flight. That is the kind of pest control that works.

Also saw a female hummingbird sit at the nectar for the first time this summer. I put a second feeder in the birdroom until the trumpet vine blooms. The buds are setting up now, but its days away from blooming.

Sheila the sharp shinned hawk came through the birdroom but left empty taloned more than once. She did get lucky eventually, as the mourning dove feathers left behind attest.

Dead trees are being cut down, but not replaced. One was a fairly mature maple I will miss seeing. The owner sodded over where the tree was, so goodbye tree. Another lovely crabapple bit the dust but it has not yet been cut down. Several large blue spruces have been taken down. One was replaced with an exotic. One was not replaced at all. Another was replaced with another evergreen, weirdly pruned.

Our cedars look thin and the swamp oak we planted last fall leafed out nicely, but many turned brown and have fallen.

Life and death in the suburbs.

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