Know Your Murderers

Two new entries in the “Know your Murderer” side bar….introducing Gregory R. Page, CEO of Cargill.


Cargill is the second largest privately held company in the US, behind Koch Industries. It’s based in Minnesota, at 15407 McGinty Rd, Minnetonka MN 55391.

It’s a huge diversified company that is into all kinds of things, from animal feed, agrochemicals, health and pharmaceutical products (what you could call vertically integrated; they’ll get you sick and then treat it), and the usual grain, cotton, sugar and processed foods.

Their closest competitor, Archer Daniels Midland, is less than twice as small.

The Cargills and MacMillan families (joined by marriage) founded and then ran it until 1995.

Cargill family members are billionaires.

Greg Page, a republican, is a non family member, but he’s seen Cargill revenues grow to $133.9 billion in 2012.

Cargill is a supporter of The Nature Conservancy, which should tell you everything you need to know about that group.

John W Eaves, President and CEO of Arch Coal is directly involved in killing us. He’s a Kentucky boy who went to UK and then on to Harvard and Wharton’s business school.

Arch Coal is at One City Place Dr St. Louis MO 63141

He earned $3,950,465 in 2012 to be a major contributor to climate change and pollution. Arch Coal is involved in mountain top removal.

He’s married to Jennifer and has two children, Van and Laura and they live somewhere in Saint Louis County. I’m sure it’s a very nice house.

On the board of Arch Coal is the former governor of Wyoming, David D. Freudenthal, along with James R Boyd from Halliburton and the CEO of the West Virginia United Health Systems, J. Thomas Jones. I just LOVE the fact that the “health care” systems are so intertwined with the very things making us sick, don’t you?

Business School deans all over the world have to be so proud.

And if the AMA has anything to say, no one can hear them whisper. The fucking doctors sure aren’t telling you the facts, now are they?

We have cause for celebration. 400 ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere is the new normal. Yay, homo sapiens!

If you haven’t heard, there is a global march against Monsanto on May 25th. You can find more info:

Calling all of the people in Mayflower Arkansas! As US citizens, we are very respectful of property rights. Therefore, I do believe that you should return the dilbit that has been spilled into your neighborhood to its rightful owner. He is:

Rex Tillerson, CEO of ExxonMobil, can be found (I think) at 624 Dove Creek Rd Bartonville TX 76226.

And finally, at last, an app for the rest of us, free. Buycott allows you to scan the barcodes in the grocery store and the app will show you the corporate family tree of that product. They are still shaking out the bugs, but this one has promise. Monsanto products are of especial interest, of course, because of the GMO shit, and Monsanto may be the inspiration for the app.

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1 Response to Know Your Murderers

  1. Judy Wood says:

    Good sleuthing! Great post. Glad to learn about the anti-Monsanto marches. Thanks to you and the link I see there’s one near me in Montpelier, VT.
    These guys do have some resemblance to ordinary humans but they don’t fool all of us.
    I see them as inhuman, greedy, cold-blooded killers too.

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