Derrick Jensen, DGR and EF!Newswire

So, I’ve been watching this thing blow up between you and am dismayed.

I love you both. And the sniping and the name calling is just………mind boggling.

Look, I freely admit and stipulate that I don’t understand exactly what you’re arguing about. I was the bad kind of feminist – I’m a middle class, middle aged, middle brow white woman – so it goes without saying that I’m a nobody who can safely be ignored.

The RadFems today are wonderful. I don’t understand the ideology fully and I don’t agree with everything they say, but I love anyone who is different and speaks up. The same goes for the Trans community – I certainly don’t understand the finer points – but I hate oppression in any form.

I say that, and I’ll also say that whatever it is that you are arguing about is a worthy debate and should be conducted.

All I’m trying to point out is, that while you’re distracted over this really cool argument, THE WORLD IS FUCKING BURNING!

I really really sincerely believe that this is the last year we have to have any impact at all…..can’t we please agree to disagree and be civil to each other and get on with the work?


Once industrial civilization is in power down mode to keep the nukes from all going Fukushima at once, and the dams have been removed and population addressed, I cheerfully offer myself to you to burn as a politically incorrect heretic in celebration.

Is it a deal?

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3 Responses to Derrick Jensen, DGR and EF!Newswire

  1. Sundazed says:

    Well said!
    I followed many responses on the EF! Chat board and its digsuting how many of there that has the same attitude as I remember the bullies had when I went in school, many of these bullies moved on to become nazis and even start, in my hometown, an organisantion called VAM (Vitt Ariskt Motstånd = White Aryan Resistance)
    And I’m not kidding around here. The attitude in peoples comments, the total lack of listening to eachother and also the share hatred that seemed to form sentences, instead of passion and love gives rightdown the same behaviour as I saw in this very cary people that I mentioned above.
    This is deeply disturbing behaviour.
    Standing up against opressors gives you no right to become one yourself.

    thank you

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