Adrift on the sea of despair

Five days into May, Michigan seems almost normal, weather-wise.  After a cold March and historic flooding in April, we have sun and temperatures in the 70s.  It didn’t feel normal, because last year, we had temps in the 80s and 90s in March and April…..and after a winter or two in Michigan, you might understand how even abnormally high temps could be greeted with unreserved enthusiasm.  Still, I wince every time I hear people say they like global warming.

Take a look around America today.  Wildfires and drought again in the western and plains states.  Could 2013 be the year Hoover Dam generates no electricity?

We’re going to hit 400 ppm of C02 in the atmosphere this month for the first time since…..oh, millions and millions of years ago – before there were any humans on the planet.

While fires rage in California, Arkansas got snow.  Arkansas.  Ok, when Minneapolis was dumped on in May, I shrugged.  That’s Minnesota…..I understand that, I live in Michigan.  But Arkansas got snow in May.  That’s mighty odd.

The corn crop took a hit last year due to drought and will again this year and the wheat crop ain’t looking too good for this year at all.

Over 230,000 people have already starved in Somalia.  More widespread hunger is being projected by several different sources for this year, affecting mostly Africa.  As the climate continues to change, growing food will become harder and harder.

Water wars may start this year.  Sure, they already exist in Gaza and the West Bank, but too many people on the planet combined with drought is going to make the pain more widespread.

Meanwhile, thousands of Americans are adrift, refugees from the various storms – fires, hurricanes, tornadoes and floods.  I’m thinking that another storm like Sandy is probably on the horizon for this year as well.  Just a question of where, really.

But, and I know you’ll find this just as reassuring as I did, there has been a second emergency meeting at the White House to discuss the Arctic ice loss.  I know Obama’s A-Team is going to solve that problem, pronto!  But first, let’s drill the hell of out it and get the Keystone built.  We need the fossil fuels.

Let the storms and starvation come because there is money to be made in misery.  And the population reductions won’t hurt either.

As the horrors mount around us, I wonder, how will we react?

We already can’t see the small daily killing that goes on all around us.  I’m speaking of the trees, amphibians, reptiles, whales, wolves, rhinos, elephants, polar bears, tigers, bats, butterflies, and birds that are dying daily.  We kill them so casually with our guns, chemicals, pollution, population,  towers, power tools, and trash.

When the starvation numbers hit the millions, will anyone notice?  Will anyone mourn the last elephant or bat or toad?

I guess it will depend upon what is on television that day.

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