Life’s Illusions

I’ve been thinking about safety lately.  In my post recently about rape, I recounted that one in three women will be assaulted/raped in their lifetimes.  You can’t know that and feel safe.

And yet, when I’m alone and locked inside my house, I do feel safe.

I wouldn’t feel safe in a big city.  Big cities are big targets these days.  Yet, I imagine that the people of Boston felt pretty safe on the morning of the marathon.

Here in our flyover state, we’ve had historic flooding due to historic rains.  Michigan, Illinois, Iowa and Missouri have thousands of people routed from their homes because of this……..but I’ll bet those people all felt pretty safe before the rain.

Last year, thousands of people lost their homes due to wildfires in the west and Hurricane Sandy in the east.  Prior to those events, I’d wager again that all of those same folks felt safe.

I’m pretty sure the people of Mayflower Arkansas felt safe right up until they started gagging on the smell of bitumen.  Another spot of land ruined.

And I just saw a new study that links Round-Up, that ubiquitous weed killer, to both autism and Parkinson’s disease.  I’ll bet every user of Round-Up feels perfectly safe in using a product that can be found on shelves everywhere.  And of course the EPA has known for years that popular fertilizers and insecticides have carcinogenic materials in them.  Still, ‘tis the spraying season.  And don’t even get me started on GMO foods and Industrial Agriculture and our overall food safety and climate change.

I imagine Jane Crawford felt pretty safe on her ranch in Texas right up until the day TransCanada showed up to seize her land for their pipeline.

The whole idea of safety is such an illusion.  It’s another lie we tell ourselves so that we can get through the day.   It’s a lie we are told practically from the day we are born.  In absolute fact, we are merely commodities.

From a purely human point of view, if life was really sacred, would any of the above scenarios be happening?  Everything listed above can be directly attributed to that glorious hand of man.  We’ve known for over a hundred years that CO2 was changing the climate and had momentum and opportunities to do something about it for decades.  Still, we haven’t.  Isn’t that dangerous and reckless behavior?

Did the people of Boston feel safer as tanks and SWAT teams roamed through their streets, entering homes at will, in search of two guys?  I just saw one picture that someone took out of their window, and a guy in Kevlar in the turret of a tank has his weapon pointed straight at the person taking the picture.  Did the photographer feel safe?

We have to ask ourselves the real question here:  What is the illusion of safety worth?  The people with the guns are controlled by the same people who are absolutely okay with all of the other dangers listed above.  Two guys with IEDs can be used to further our acceptance of a surveillance state at best and a police state at worse, while the real dangers (and those who provide them) are left in place.  The city of Boston is going to use this event as a reason to ratchet up surveillance all over the city.  A few people will make more money as a result, and a lot of people will lose another piece of privacy.

The only real question after that, is:  Who is next?





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1 Response to Life’s Illusions

  1. The illusion of normalcy says:

    And we thought police states were eliminated with the fall of East Germany. Guess again.

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