The Monsters Among Us

We live in an irony rich world.

Former FBI profilers have made a nice living writing about the serial killer(s) they chased and television has certainly exploited our fascination for these sociopaths that kill.

Then there are the people who destroy and get paid nicely to do it.

Rex Tillerson, CEO of ExxonMobil, got paid $34,920,506 in 2011 to destroy wildlife, sicken people and poison groundwater. He’s clear about it, too. “My philosophy is to make money.”

Hugh Grant, CEO of Monsanto, producer of products that destroy wildlife, sicken people and poison groundwater, made $14,225,606 in 2012. His mouthpiece, Phil Angell, director of corporate communication is also clear. “Monsanto should not have to vouchsafe the safety of biotech food. Our interest is in selling as much of it as possible. Assuring it’s safety is the FDAs job. (sic)”
It’s hard to even get a handle on who the worst killer among us is – there are so many to choose from and so deserving of the title.

The list of companies that make money from killing the planet is so long that these

Dow Chemical
Arch Coal
Archer Daniel Midland
Peabody Coal
Coca Cola
Koch Industries
Massey Coal
Goldman Sachs
Plum Creek Timber
JP Morgan

are merely the first to come to mind. Mining companies alone would add another hundred to the list easily.

I started poking around a few corporations, looking for the faces behind the death. To actually do that would be a career. And you’d have to have a Hall of Shame for the past killers (with lifetime and honorary members) and a Best Lackey Museum, too.

The Best Lackey Museum would include the US government, the US Chamber of Commerce, most of the media, state and local governments and many think tanks and environmental organizations.

I don’t even want to think about the Hall of Shame. Present is present and time is short.

Corporations pretty much run the world. This is probably not a revelation, really, but no one is even trying to hide it anymore, especially after Citizens United.

And since corporations are people, we should probably know more about the people behind the “people”.

So, beginning with this blog edition, I’m starting a “know your murderer” column that will run whenever I have enough time to spend online, digging up the shit on the killers amongst us.


I’m still processing the Boston Clusterfuck, but will probably have more to say at some point.  At the moment, it is my feeling that Americans are fucking idiots to cheer the killing and capture of two dupes.  I’m sure the ratings were really high for the show, though, so we’ll see more of these “manhunts” in the future.  Wasn’t it heartwarming that it took thousands of police to find two guys?  And that a whole city was in lockdown?  The police state is here.  And we seem to like it. 

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1 Response to The Monsters Among Us

  1. SprinklinThoughts says:

    Welcome to the New World Order… for now…

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